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What is SmiHub – All You Need to Know

Today our world is changing day by day when it comes to social media. There are many websites and software for social media users. These social media platforms are very simple to handle and can help us to communicate with friends and relatives. We know these applications are desirable to many people in the entire world. There are lots of applications available in the visual world such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, telegram, etc, which are very common worldwide.

Smihub is an app that’s similar to Instagram in some regards. You can watch posts, stories, like posts, comment, and follow users. This application software is friendly to users because users can download high-quality images and videos from their respected accounts quickly and conveniently without watching ads. Smihub is ideal for those who want to browse Instagram anonymously. 

This application is costless and very easy to access. With SmiHub, users can search for reels by using trending hashtags. You can even check how many likes, comments, and followers anonymously. 

How Does Smihub Work?

  • Firstly, you should type SmiHUB in any search engine.
  • The result of the search will show in a few minutes in your respected search engine.
  • You can use SmiHub for watching reels, pictures, and videos. Moreover, you can download the content from the top right corner. 
  • You can use hashtags to find all kinds of content on the platform. Put the hashtags which you are looking for into the search box, and the associated result will appear after a few minutes.
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Features of Smihub

  • By using Smihub, you can view Instagram stories, posts, comments, videos, and more without exposing yourself.
  • This is a fully non-paid program.
  • SmiHUB allows us to browse securely because it has the policy to secure personal data.
  • It has download facilities and this makes it trending.
  • It also contains an offline mode therefore users can use it when he/she has no internet connection.
  • SmiHub allows users to leave comments on photos and posts without viewing the window.
  • This application was made for the purpose of providing Instagram related information and hashtags, and location can be used to find it.

How to Download Instagram Reels and Videos from SmiHub

You should follow these steps to download reels and videos from SmiHUB while downloading media-related content.

  • Should visit official websites.
  • Should search for the account you wish to access
  • Select pictures, videos, and other files you wish to download.   
  • It will be downloaded automatically.


1. Is SmiHUB paid or free to use?

It is a totally charge-less platform and there are no money-demanded upgrade plans. So, you may stay connected to all of the features without any payment.

2. Is SmiHub a scam? 

It is a legitimate application. This app does not demand and use Internet protocol address, Instagram activity, and location of your phone. It does not demand any money to access it. And almost everything is real on the app and platform. 

3. What’s the deal with SmiHub/Dumpor’s popularity?

SmiHub was created only to meet the growing need for a private Instagram viewing solution. This application software is popular because it provides its services without taking money. Normally other reputed applications ask for money before they allow you to use their services. However it is the first to use, and it offers mostly the same level of services as other costly applications serving through their respective application.

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4. Are SmiHub and dumper the same application?

Dumpor is the new name for SmiHub. The second name of dumpor is SmiHub. both provide the same contents and facilities.


SmiHub is one of the most popular applications in this new world because it can be accessed by anyone easily. We can download images, videos, and other stuff from it very easily. It is fully protected and good to use. This application is now improving day by day. This is a full entertainment package for its user.