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AT&T Vs T-Mobile: Which Carrier is Better for You?

After having researched and taking feedback from users, we have compared AT&T and T-Mobile carrier services. If you’ve been debating between AT&T vs T-Mobile for a while, then you should keep reading till the end.

If you’re confused between AT&T vs T-Mobile as your wireless carrier, then the first thing you need to know is that AT&T has excellent deals and features. The customer service, network coverage, and connectivity are also rated great by customers. T-Mobile subscribers on the other hand enjoy great speeds, coverage, and availability. Plus, T-Mobile plans are cheaper compared to AT&T plans.

T-Mobile Vs. AT&T: Complete Comparison

AT&T Vs T-Mobile services are pretty similar to each other, and the speed and signal quality is pretty similar. To help you make better decisions, we will go category by category to break down the differences between AT&T and T-Mobile.

1. T-Mobile Vs AT&T – Price

Although, neither AT&T nor T-Mobile charges as much as Verizon. Both of them can be considered to have expensive pricing. Somewhere, AT&T is ahead in some plans, and sometimes, T-Mobile is ahead in some plans.

We’ve broken down AT&T vs T-Mobile’s pricing to help you compare the pricing of both providers.


Entry-level unlimited plan
Unlimited Starter

$65 for one line
$60 for two lines
$45 for three lines
$35 for four lines

$60 for one line
$45 for two lines
$35 for three lines
$27 for four lines

Mid-range unlimited plan
Unlimited Extra

$75 for one line
$65 for two lines
$50 for three lines
$40 for four lines

$70 for one line
$60 for two lines
$40 for three lines
$35 for four lines
Premium range unlimited planUnlimited Elite

$85 for one line
$75 for two lines
$60 for three lines
$50 for four lines
Magenta Max

$85 for one line
$70 for two lines
$47 for three lines
$43 for four lines

Based on the above-mentioned table it’s clear that T-Mobile is the more affordable option out of the two carriers. It beats AT&T at almost every turn. On some plans, you can even end up saving $15 with ease. Our suggestion is to go for a family discount plan with T-Mobile.

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2. T-Mobile Vs AT&T – Coverage

Overall, AT&T has more coverage than T-Mobile. But both providers are trying hard to achieve wider coverage. AT&T is well known for good coverage around the rural areas whereas T-Mobile works more in populated areas like cities and larger towns. Apart from this, both of them also are improving their 5G networks. 

According to a popular networking site named Ookla, T-Mobile scored 68.5% availability whereas AT&T scored 55.8% availability in 5G network testing. But still, the users of T-Mobile claim to not have a proper network and strong single in small towns and villages.

3. T-Mobile Vs AT&T – Data Speeds

According to the Ookla report, T-Mobile offers incredible speeds compared to AT&T internet service after including LTE and 5G networks. Here we are just talking about data speeds, not coverage. T-Mobile delivered median speeds of 116.54 MBPS download speeds in Q2 2022, while AT&T is significantly slower at 54.64 Mbs. 

As for 5G data speeds, T-Mobile’s 5G network is significantly faster than AT&T’s 5G.  T-Mobile’s 5G network delivers a median speed of 187.33 MBPS, while AT&T’s 5G networks deliver a median of 71.54 MBPS.

4. T-Mobile Vs AT&T – Premium Data vs Normal Data

T-Mobile offers premium data with a fast and high-speed 5G network. In addition, the 5G network is not affected by heavy user traffic and congestion. Normal data can also provide fast and high-speed network speed but it’s deprioritized. It means it can be affected by heavy user traffic and congestion. During peak communication time or using high-speed data same time by many users so then problems could be seen. 

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It’s clear that T-Mobile offers more premium data rather than AT&T service. T-Mobile offers more premium data rather than AT&T’s equivalent Unlimited Starter. T-Mobile comes with basic Essentials (50GB) and mid-range Magenta (100GB) plans while AT&T comes with equivalent Unlimited Starter (no premium data) and Unlimited Extra plans (50GB). 

5. T-Mobile Vs AT&T – Perks and Promos

T-Mobile offers more perks than AT&T like one-year service trials and full one-year subscriptions to popular streaming services. These features of T-Mobile make it more valuable in the case of perks but remember that perks are always less important when there is not that much coverage.

Entry-level Unlimited PlansUnlimited Starter
6 months of Stadia Pro
Mid-level Unlimited PlansUnlimited Extra
6 months of Stadia Pro
Netflix Basic with two lines
Premium-level Unlimited  PlanUnlimited Elite
6 months of Stadia Pro
Magenta Max
Netflix Basic with one line
Netflix Standard with two lines

Which Carrier is Right for You?

Now, it’s time to answer the million-dollar question. As you have seen that both of them are good in their own ways, and the preference for choosing the best can vary from individual to individual. 

With that, it depends on your needs, meaning which service you want from your carrier if you are looking for a low-cost service with low perks so just go with T-Mobile, but if you want high coverage even in small towns with high prices.

So we would recommend you go for AT&T. Apart from this, before purchasing, you can check your local service options means which service would be fine for your area.

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