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5 Causes For A Red Light On Your Viasat Modem

In areas where traditional internet service providers are unable to reach, Viasat Internet offers broadband internet service to such areas. The Internet service is perfect for rural or underdeveloped areas that cannot get DSL, fibre, or cable connections.

Having said that, when you sign up for Viasat, you get a Viasat modem—an internet modem. It is the main tool that makes connection establishment easier. This means your Viasat modem is a central device for accessing the internet, and if the modem has a problem, it becomes difficult for you to access the internet.

Many Viasat customers have complained about the red light problem with the Viasat modem. The red light on the Viasat modem simply indicates that the user is unable to connect to the internet.

In this guide, we’ll discuss common reasons why your Viasat modem is showing a red light. And in order to fix the problem with your Viasat modem, we’ll also cover troubleshooting methods.

Possible Causes for Viasat Modem Red Light & Troubleshooting Tips

Here’s a list of all the common reasons that could cause the red light on the Viasat modem. Read the reasons and also use the troubleshooting steps to fix the problem.

1. Internet Plan

The main cause of the red light on your modem might be that your data has run out. Check to see if your internet plan, to which you have subscribed, still has data. If you have a limited internet plan for the entire month, you won’t be able to use it again after you’ve used it up.

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Change to a plan with more data if you want to prevent the red light on the Viasat modem from appearing. Either contact Viasat’s official customer service or log in to your “My Viasat” account to upgrade your internet plan. Check out the authorised Viasat resellers in your area if you’re looking for some special discounts.

2. Weather

Your modem might display a red light as a result of the poor weather. Poor weather conditions cause the red light on your Viasat modem to blink because your modem sends and receives internal signals directly through the satellite. So during poor weather, whether like thunder or heavy rain, You may face an internet issue. In this situation, you have no options. Wait until the weather returns to normal.

3. Reboot The Modem

If your internet service is working properly and you have unlimited data, but your Viasat modem continues to display the red light, then rebooting the modem can work. 

Turning on and off will restart your Viasat modem. Wait a few seconds until your modem’s lights start to turn on. This will help you connect to the internet.

4. Diagnostic Test

Trying the diagnostic test is another way to resolve the Viasat red light modem issue. The software Viasat includes router troubleshooting.

Simply log into your Viasat account in your browser to run a diagnostic test. Navigate to the menu, select the “Help” tab, and then click. Choose the option to launch diagnostics.

When everything is done, the diagnostic test will identify any mechanical or other issues with the modem that might be causing your red light or a sluggish internet connection.

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5. Network Outage

If you have tried all of the aforementioned solutions and your modem still displays a red light while your internet connection is down, there probably is a network outage in your area. Your modem displays a red light status because there is no internet connectivity in your area at this time. In this situation, you must wait until the Viasat technicians fix the server. You can get in touch with Viasat customer service for updates.


The red light on your Viasat modem can be fixed using any of these methods. I hope it will help you, but if your modem continues to display a red light, you can upgrade your internet package or get in touch with Viasat customer service.