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Best Phone And Internet Provider in The UK

When it comes to internet service providers, the choice is endless. Whatever internet provider fits your needs, you can choose them. If you think about it, all the internet service providers offer the same kind of service. So, why do you even have to compare them? While the service is the same, the quality of service is not the same. based on your chosen provider, you can get cheaper plans, excellent coverage, and great customer support.

So, before you sign up with any internet service provider you must compare them.

In this guide, we’ve compared the best phone and internet providers in the UK. We’re comparing them based on broadband speed, cost, availability, and the internet provider’s customer care service.

How to Choose the Best Broadband Provider In My Area?

Before we compare the providers, you need to have an understanding of what to look for in a provider. Here are some factors you need to consider:

  1. Broadband Speed 

You must choose your broadband speed according to your need. The broadband speed requirement varies from person to person. Make sure you choose a plan that can fulfill your internet appetite.

For example, you should choose an average speed of 10 Mbps for emailing and light browsing. If you have heavier internet usage, then you can choose anything over 100 MBPS.

  1. Download Limit 

You must choose your download limit according to your need. If you have fewer data requirements, you can choose any suitable plan. If you consume a large amount of data, then unlimited plans should be your choice. Almost all broadband providers have plans for all types of internet users.

  1. Type of Internet

If you are looking for an internet service provider then you must think about types of internet service. Different internet services have different speeds and results.

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ADSL broadband, fiber broadband (FTTC or FTTP), cable broadband, and mobile broadband are the most common. Many broadbands have come with line rental. If you are intended to take broadband without line rental then you may select Virgin Media or mobile broadband.

  1. Hardware Requirements

You must think about hardware requirements to set up your broadband, such as modem/ router and coaxial or phone cable, etc. Everyone must compare the charges of different broadband and after that select a suitable internet provider.

  1. Availability 

You must check the availability of fiber in your area. This thing is very important for a well-operated and uninterrupted internet connection. At the time of selection of your broadband internet provider, you must take the opinion of the old customers about their services and facilities.

  1. Average Monthly Cost

The average monthly cost is a very important aspect or factor in the time of choosing any broadband service. You must compare the monthly charges of all available options. If price is your only concern, then you should go for the cheapest possible provider.

On the other hand, you must take that broadband service which provides good broadband speed and good downloading facility at an affordable cost. So you must consider all the factors and then make your decision.

  1. Customer Support 

Any provider that doesn’t offer good customer support is worthless. Whenever you face any issues, the first thing you do is reach out to customer support. If your provider doesn’t offer customer support, then you’ll just end up in trouble. 

The best way to figure out if a provider has great customer support, you have to talk with their existing customers or read online reviews.

What Type of Broadband Deal Should I Go For?

After comparing all the broadband, you must take the most suitable deal or plan according to your need. Here are some of the top broadband plans depicted for you. You must read them to improve your knowledge.

  1. Broadband Only 
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This is the basic plan for those people who do not want to include TV and phone services in their plan. This deal is provided by all broadband users.

  1. Broadband and Phone 

In this plan, they will charge money for both services. This type of deal is provided by all major broadband internet providers in the UK, such as BT, Plusnet, TalkTalk, Virgin Media, Sky, etc. 

After taking this plan you will have to pay money for your broadband and home phone. Compared to individual plans, you’ll be paying less in a bundle. 

  1. Broadband and TV

If you love Television streaming services, such as Sky Cinema and sports channels then you must subscribe to this plan.

On other hand, if you want to see online streaming like Amazon and Netflix, then you must not subscribe to this plan. This plan will provide local TV programs therefore you must take this plan after checking all the facts.

  1. Broadband, TV, and Phone

This plan is provided by many broadband service providers such as Virgin Media, BT, Plusnet, and sketch. A bundle plan is the combination of all three services, such as an internet surfing facility, a calling facility, and a streaming facility. This plan can save you valuable time and money.

What Are The Different Types of Broadband Available

There are some generally used broadband types available in the UK. The list of this broadband is given below:

  1. ADSL

If you are living in a more remote area and searching for a basic type of broadband then you can take the facility of ADSL. There are some areas that do not have available facilities for cable and fiber broadband then ADSL is best for those areas. 

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We must know that the internet broadband facilities of ASDL are available at all the places in the UK. They connect a type of copper wire to your home to provide an internet connection.

  1. Fiber Broadband 

With fiber internet, you get high-speed internet with a faster and more sustainable connection. In this broadband service, the providers use optic fiber cables instead of copper wires. This wire can transmit data at a faster rate. The optical wires are covering almost 90% of the area of the UK.

  1. Cable Broadband 

This type of broadband requires coaxial cables to connect users to the internet. This broadband service is provided by Virgin Media in the UK. Cable broadband providers are providing good facilities to their users.  In the UK, 50% of households are using this broadband facility.

  1. Mobile broadband 

This broadband is completely cellular and provides its facilities in a portable manner. There are many mobile network providers in the UK, such as Vodafone and EE.

Best Phone and Internet Provider UK

Read this section and after that decide the best phone and internet provider UK. Here is a list which provides a list of broadband providers UK.

ISP’sAverage speed range description
BT Broadband 36Mbps- 1GbpsThey provide a suitable package to their user with a basic download speed of 36Mbps and a higher download speed of 1Gbps. You can also take their plans according to your needs. BT Broadband also provides an amazing WiFi connection with signal boosting to cover your entire office as well as your home. This broadband facility is 
EE10-300MbpsEE is a very famous broadband provider and it also contains a wide range of internet plans. This provider’s mobile broadband may be functional in many areas where there are not any facilities for optic fiber internet.
Gigaclear200-900MbpsThis broadband service provides hyperfast speeds and steady services to its users. The providers of this broadband install fiber cables directly to the users’ homes. This facility is also available in remote areas.
John Lewis 10-66MbpsThis broadband service provides three basic packages with 27×7 customer support. The line rental is mandatory for this service.
NOW Broadband11-63NOW Broadband also provided three basic packages. This service is amazing for those who want to add TV packages. This broadband contains good TV facilities.
Plusnet10-66If you take Plusnet broadband with a calls package then you can find a discount on your combined payment. This makes it acceptable and makes it the best phone and internet provider UK. It provides YouView TV facilities also.
Vodafone38-900MbpsThe customer support of Vodafone is the best and it also provides high-speed internet connection with fiber packages. Vodafone promises to repay the money to customers whenever their speed of internet is not according to the package until the issue is resolved. Therefore Vodafone is the best mobile broadband service in the UK.
Sky36-900MbpsSky Broadband provides different speeds to their different users according to their needs. This broadband also provides some of the fastest speeds on the internet market. This broadband service also provides double and triple bundle services as well.
SSE35-900MbpsSSE provides a wide range of plans with fixed 18-month contracts. They provide Unlimited fiber plus high internet speed.
TalkTalk35-900MbpsThey provide 4 broadband plans. They provide only three plans to most of their users and their 900Mbps plan is only available in a certain region of the UK. You also can bundle your broadband plan with their double and triple plan. This thing makes them unique and this facility makes the best phone and internet provider UK.
Virgin Media54Mbps- 1.13GbpsThey provide the fastest broadband services with their bundle plans. Therefore we can say it is the best phone and internet provider UK.
This internet service provider provides the option of a 30-day rolling contract. After a month, they will charge extra money as a setup fee.
Hyperoptic50Mbps- 1GbpsIt provides uninterrupted FTTP broadband with a speed of 1Gbps. The fast internet facility of Hyperoptic is available in London.
Shell Energy11-67MbpsThey  charge only for their line rental but it will not demand money to active your WiFi router
OneStream 16-67MbpsThey provide its speed same as they have shown on their website
Zen Internet10-900MbpsThey provide their services at the same rate and they follow the price rigidity concept. This concept makes them reliable and customer friendly. We can say They also provide internet up to 900Mbps in some areas.
Truespeed 150-900MbpsThe fastest internet service is characteristic of Truespeed internet providers. The sets you in your own line, therefore you would not suffer at the time of peak hours.
XLN17-76MbpsThey are providing their specialized services. This facility is suitable for businesses. They provide a package with unlimited UK calls. The customers of their services can add a free WiFi service with simple guest registration. For it, they demand only 15-pound sterling. 


If you want to know the best broadband provider in my area, you must think about multiple factors that can affect your work. These factors are broadband speed, download limit, types of broadband, availability, average monthly cost, customer support, etc.

You must take that service provider who provides you with a good facility at an affordable price. You must take a good broadband service provider with your interest and thereafter you can solve the problem “how can I find the best broadband provider in my area?”