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AT&T Internet Review: Top Internet Plans From AT&T

Looking to switch to a faster, more reliable, and overall better internet service provider? AT&T Internet plans may be the right choice for you. However, you won’t find a lot of speed options if you’re looking at AT&T internet service. The speeds offered by AT&T internet reach up to 940 MBPS and that too at a very affordable price point. AT&T offers some of the top internet plans for users of all kinds.

According to us, the most value is in the AT&T Internet 300 MBPS plan. If you’re all about internet speeds then you may even want to get the Internet 1000 plan. Without wasting any more time, let’s take a look at those perks, and also compare AT&T internet prices, download speeds, contracts, and much more.

Pros of AT&T Internet:Cons of AT&T Internet:
Affordable plans with lots of dataLimited availability in the country
An option to bundle services with DIRECTVThe only rural internet option is fixed wireless
Full fiber connectivity

AT&T Internet Packages & Prices

Before we tell you about the plans offered by AT&T, you should know that you won’t probably find fiber plans in small cities, but if you can get the plans we suggest you get them. As we said above, AT&T offers just a handful of internet plans, and the plans you get in your areas will mainly depend on your location.

However, the plans offered are perfect in almost every way, and the best part is the low prices. It’s almost impossible to find gigabit plans that cost a little over $60 per month. Even though the prices offered are promotional, they still cost lower than most promotional plans.

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PlanPriceDownload SpeedData cap
AT&T Fiber Internet 300$55/mo.300 MbpsUnlimited
AT&T Fiber Internet 500$65/mo.500 MbpsUnlimited
Up to 1 GIG speed$80/mo.1 GIG speedUnlimited
2 GIG speed$110/mo.2 GIG speedUnlimited
5 GIG speed$180/mo.5 GIG speedUnlimited

The Internet 1,000 plan offers you a speed of 940 MBPS. While no provider can guarantee that they will offer the exact same speeds as advertised, AT&T comes close to offering the advertised speeds. If you’re running a small business operation then getting the AT&T gig plan is more than the ideal solution for you. You get a great upload speed of 880 MBPS to keep the business operations running smoothly.

The Fiber 300 plan is also a great option for families with a high internet appetite. If you have the option of getting AT&T internet in your area, then try not to worry about the price. Our advice to you would be to get any kind of plan that you can get your hands on.

AT&T Internet Price Comparison

The cost of the AT&T internet fiber plan is not here or there. The AT&T Internet 300 plan is right in the middle when you compare it with other Internet service providers that offer the same speeds. But if we’re talking about the AT&T Fiber Internet 1000, it’s one of the best deals you can find. Here is a basic price comparison of all the similar internet speeds with different ISPs.

Service ProviderPlanPriceDownload Speed
AT&T FiberAT&T Fiber 300$55/mo.300 MBPS
AT&T FiberInternet 1 GIG$80/mo.1000 MBPS
Verizon FiOSInternet 200/200$39.99/mo.200 MBPS
Verizon FiOSInternet 400/400$59.99/mo.400 MBPS
CenturyLink InternetCenturyLink Fiber Internet$65/mo.940 MBPS

AT&T TV & Internet Bundles

Apart from great internet plans, AT&T offers a variety of bundle plans. With those AT&T TV & Internet bundles, you can save money up to $20 per month. Just like the internet service, AT&T offers great TV service with a huge channel list. Here’s a list of the best AT&T TV & Internet bundles:

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PlanPriceDownload SpeedChannel Count
AT&T Entertainment + AT&T Internet$84.99/mo.100 MBPS65+
AT&T TV Choice + AT&T Internet$89.99/mo.100 MBPS90+
AT&T TV Ultimate + AT&T Internet$104.99/mo.100 MBPS130+
DIRECTV XTRA All-Included Package + AT&T Internet$104.99/mo.100 MBPS235+
DIRECTV Premier All-Included Package + AT&T Internet$159.99/mo.100 MBPS330+

AT&T Internet Plan Data Caps

All of AT&T’s fiber internet plans offer unlimited data, which is basically the best kind of data. That means you can download or upload as much data as you want in a month without having to worry about an overage fee. If you’re still using the AT&T DSL Internet plans then you may want to worry about going over your data limit. All the DSL internet plans offer a 1 TB data cap unless you bundle your internet service with AT&T TV or DIRECTV.

AT&T Internet Additional Cost

AT&T got rid of its contracts, that’s the best thing about AT&T right now. You now have the freedom of not having an internet contract, now you can switch providers, change plans or change cities and you will not face any problems.

AT&T equipment cost is still there though. Whenever you sign up for AT&T Internet, you’ll also get a WiFi gateway (Modem-and-router combo), chances are you won’t need your own router to set up your brand-new WiFi service. That equipment will cost you a $10 per month rental fee, as far as the rental fee goes, it’s one of the cheapest rentals we’ve ever seen.

AT&T Customer Service

AT&T’s customer service ranks quite well when compared to others but that’s still low overall in customer service. In the whole internet industry, customer service seems to trouble all the ISPs and AT&T is no such exception.

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Conclusion: Is AT&T Internet Good?

AT&T Internet offers some of the best pricing with great speeds. Here’s why you may want to consider AT&T as your next internet service provider.

  • Prices and Plans: AT&T’s prices for its Internet 1,000 plan offer incredible speeds for an affordable price. You won’t find that price for that speed anywhere else.
  • Download Speed: AS AT&T is slowly discontinuing its DSL internet service, you’re bound to speeds better than 100 MBPS. The best part is that you’ll get those speeds as well as AT&T is expanding its speeds.
  • Customer Service: Not a single ISP has perfect customer service, the same is the case with AT&T internet service.