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Internet Providers with Best Bundle Plans

The Internet has become a major milestone in our technological evolution. That’s because of its vastness regarding the usage and areas of application. The Internet is unique in comparison to any other technology that we use today, or ever used in the past. This uniqueness comes from its extremely flexible nature. This flexibility allows the internet to integrate into other devices, gadgets, and subsequent technologies to make their workings even better. This makes the internet a multipurpose technology that doesn’t only fulfill its own responsibilities quite remarkably but can also act as a catalyst to make existing technologies efficient, modernized, and smart.

One such example of this can be seen in the entertainment industry which has been a beneficiary of the internet in so many ways. The conversion of TVs and Cinemas into the palm of a user’s hand, to effectively eliminate any physical storage medium to store music, games or movies are the two biggest feats of the internet for the entertainment industry, among many others.

And as we talked about the entertainment industry, it is worth mentioning that it is solely due to the internet-based streaming platforms that we are seeing the cable TV genre dying as more and more people are resorting to cord-cutting. The term cord-cutting is the name given to the recent trend of people ditching their cable TVs (hence cutting the TV cord) and switching to streaming platforms. This thing started back in 2016 and has been on a rise ever since.

Especially after the pandemic, there has been a significant jump in the number of cord-cutters, mostly due to economic reasons as streaming subscriptions are quite cheap in comparison to heavy cable bills. It is estimated that streaming will take over half of the cable TV market as early as 2024. Seeing this change in consumer behavior many cable companies have also started offering their own internet-based live TV and streaming apps in order to stay relevant in the market.     

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Similarly in the field of communication, the oldest and most renowned technology is the home phone. The telephone has been the primary source of modern telecommunication for a century and it was only in the past two decades that the telephone started to be replaced by cellphone technology. However, modern home phones are making a resurgence all thanks to the internet which through VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) has equipped home phones with many modern cell phone-like features while also bringing down the cost significantly as compared to a cellphone.

Advantages of Bundling

After the inclusion of so the internet in so many other technologies, many service providers also started offering cable and home phone services along with the internet. Now, these cable services from most internet providers come standard with a streaming app while the home phones are VoIP-based. One such provider that offers bundles like these is Cox Communications. Cox is the third-largest cable company in the country and Cox plans are super flexible in terms of internet speeds, TV channels, and home phone services. These plans allow users to get massive discounts on all services that are included in the bundle, but apart from just discounts, there are many other benefits of subscribing to a bundle.

Many providers offer certain perks and privileges to customers subscribing to a bundle like free installation, waived off equipment rental, superior customer service, and the discounts are always there. Plus users also get the convenience of all the services coming under one bill to avoid the fuss of paying different charges for separate services and keeping in record different due dates for each of them. Plus one more thing regarding bundles is that they can save costs in the form of reduced taxes and surcharges which are usually more if subscribed to the internet, cable TV, and home phone from different providers.

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ISPs with Best Bundle Options 

By now we have already determined how bundles can be beneficial for our pocket and usage both, but now the question arises which company’s bundle to go with? That’s an important question as there are many service providers in the country offering different types of bundles at different prices. However, to ease this confusion in some way, we have developed the below-mentioned list of some of the reputed providers in the country that are offering some decent bundle options, in our opinion.

1. Spectrum

Spectrum is the second biggest provider in the country as per the active user base. They offer high-speed internet, HD cable TV, and VoIP home phone services, not to forget all these services in bundles as well. Spectrum doesn’t confuse its users with too many options instead they classify their bundles as Select, Silver, and Gold. These classifications are dependent on the TV channel lineup where Select is the basic and Gold is the high tier, and Silver is the mid-ranger. Customers can choose any bundle according to their needs and customize internet speeds as per their usage.

Users can also get two service bundles with mandatory internet and the other service being either cable TV or phone. Spectrum’s bundle may seem the expensive end but they provide exceptional value for money, comes without any contract, and has a 30-day money-back guarantee if a customer is not satisfied with their services.

2. Cox

Cox is the third-largest cable company in the country and they provide flexible and tailor-made bundles and gives complete control to the customers. Their services include not only regular internet, cable, and home phone but home automation and home security services as well. Users can get all these services in a bundle where the internet speed can range from 25Mbps all the way to 1Gbps. TV channels can go from mere 75 basic channels to 250 channels including all premium channels like HBO, Showtime, and STARZ along with on-demand content.

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Users have the control of going with unlimited data or the standard 1.25TB data limit, then there is also the option of going with or without the contract by paying a bit extra. The best part about Cox is that their bundles don’t need to have the internet necessarily, this means that users can get a bundle of cable and phone as well. With so many options Cox’s bundles can be tailored for different types of customers according to their budget and usage.


Bundling is a great way to get more services while saving money. However, while selecting a bundle always be mindful of the company you go with because making the wrong choice can not only make you pay more but the quality of services may also be compromised. That is why we have created this list containing two ISPs that offer the best bundle options, so users can easily choose them if they are available in their area.