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What Is a Good Internet Speed?

The need for good internet speed is rapidly growing because a major part of our lives revolves around it. Education, office work, business meetings, entertainment, games, everything relies on the internet. Without a good internet connection, you’ll be unable to do anything efficiently. Have you ever wondered what is a good internet speed and how much internet speed do I need?

With a good internet connection, people can watch movies and videos and attend online classes, use social media, etc. For these activities, it is mandatory to have a good internet connection.

If you want seamless internet service for online streaming then you should have a minimum of 100 MBPS. Having a 100 MBPS connection means that you’ll be able to stream, play, download, and upload with relative ease. 

If you’re wondering “how many MBPS do I need”, then you should read this guide till the end.

Need For Good Internet Connection

In just over 2 decades, reliance on the internet has grown immeasurably. Almost 64.4% of people globally have access to the internet today. Just having internet access won’t cut it, you need to know what internet speed do I need.

So, here’s why you need great internet service:

  • It is a source to find information as well as education.
  • You can easily stream videos and movies on it.
  • You can play multiplayer games and connect with people all over the globe. 
  • Through it, we can easily communicate with our friends and relatives as well.
  • It provides different social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • The Internet is the base of online businesses and e-marketing platforms.
  • On the internet, we can easily reach government offices.
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Required Internet Speed for Type of Work

If you want to know what is a good internet speed, then here’s a breakdown of the required internet speed based on the work you do.

Internet Speed Ideal for
0-5 MbpsThis speed is sufficient for checking emails, searching on the internet, streaming music, etc.
5-40 MbpsThis speed is enough for streaming videos online gaming as well.
40-100 MbpsThis speed is sufficient for streaming HD videos, downloading large files, and multiplayer gaming as well.
100-500 MbpsThis speed will provide an amazing experience to watch videos in UHD. And you can easily download files and also play multiplayer games etc.
1000+ MbpsThis is the top internet speed and you can fulfill almost all the requirements from it.

If your broadband internet is providing speed up to 25 Mbps for download and 3 Mbps for upload, then you have a basic internet connection.

Almost every single internet provider today has a basic plan of 100 MBPS. For businesses with huge internet needs, 500 – 1,000 MBPS speed is ideal. Therefore you should choose your internet plan according to your work.

How Much Internet Speed Do I Need for Recommended Activities?

ActivitiesMinimum Recommended 
Email 1 Mbps1
Web browsing3 Mbps5
Social media3 Mbps10
Streaming SD video3 Mbps10
Streaming HD video5 Mbps25
Streaming 4K video25 Mbps100
Online gaming5 Mbps100
Streaming music1 Mbps5
One-on-one video calls1 Mbps25
Video conference calls2 Mbps50

Upload Speed Vs Download Speed 

Download speed is the time taken by data to reach the server from your device, and then information to come back to your device. On the other hand Upload speed is the time taken by data sent from your device to the server. Almost every single internet provider offers a higher download speed than upload speed.

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It is common for Internet providers to hide information about the uploading speed of their broadband. So, if you want to upload files, photos, and videos on the internet then you should read all the details of your internet plan. You can also talk with the provider about this issue.

What Are The Common Internet Types?

There are many internet types available in the world, such as Fiber internet, cable internet, DSL internet, Satellite internet, etc. These internet types are depicted below:

  • Fiber internet: The fiber internet platform is now trending because of its fast internet services. It provides 1000+ Mbps internet speed. It provides high-distance coverage with high data uploading speed. It is the best internet type available today. 
  • Cable internet: Some cable internet providers offer up to 1,000 MBPS internet speed. Unlike fiber, it does not provide symmetric upload speeds. It is slower than fiber internet and can slow down even more for multiple reasons. Xfinity, Cox, and Spectrum are the top cable network providers.
  • DSL internet: DSL internet service maxes out at 100 MBPS, but it is a bit slower than other platforms. It can not provide good internet facilities over long distances. CenturyLink and Frontier are the best examples of the DSL internet platform.
  • Satellite internet: It is the slowest medium of the internet because it transmits users’ data packets or information through satellite. The top satellite internet providers are HughesNet and Viasat etc.

Conclusion on Good Internet Speed

This concludes our guide. Hopefully, now you’d know what internet speed I need. Now that you know how many MBPS I need, you can choose the best plan available.

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What Type of Internet Is Fast?

Fiber internet is the fastest internet type and it provides 1000+ Mbps data speed. The network of this internet type is wide. It also provides a good uploading facility as well as downloading facility.

Can I Test My Internet Speed?

Yes. If you don’t know how much internet speed you’re paying for, then you can test it with internet speed. Go to your browser, and search for “speed test”. Click on any website that comes up, and run a speed test.