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Men Female Height and Weight Chart According to Age

“Health is wealth” is a saying that’s true down to its core. Without a healthy body, it’s almost impossible to focus on other aspects of life. Our day-to-day productivity and capabilities are all dependent on our health.

Good height and weight play a major role in staying healthy. Being overweight, or underweight can be the cause of several illnesses. Good height and weight are the two indicators of your health.

If you want to know if you have a healthy body, you should know about your ideal weight according to your height. 

In this guide, we’ve included the best height-weight chart based on age and gender. Read and learn what your ideal weight should be. 

What Is Height And Weight Chart?

It is a chart that helps you and your doctor to match your height with your weight. It presents data related to weight according to the height of the person.

According to the biological and physiological differences, the charts of the men and women are different. The three indicators of good health are as follows:

  • Good height 
  • Good weight 
  • Good diet 

In simple words, height and weight charts provide data related to height and weight proportionate. It helps you and your doctor to measure your health standards.

Three Weight Categories According To The Height And Weight Chart

  • Average weight: If any individual’s weight is under the defined health range then they’re deemed as an average-weighted person.
  • Underweight: If any individual’s weight is less than the average weight range according to their height, then they’re deemed as an underweight person. Being underweight can lead to some health conditions.
  • Overweight: If any individual’s weight is above the average weight range, then that person will be named an overweight person.
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Male Female Height Weight Chart

body mass index

Here is the male and female height and weight chart to help you understand if you’re average weight, underweight, or overweight.

Height in FeetHeight in cmAverage Weight Range in kg
4’6” feet 137 cm28.5- 34.9 kg
4’7” feet 140 cm30.8- 38.1 kg
4’8” feet 142 cm33.5- 40.8 kg
4’9” feet 145 cm35.8- 43.9 kg
4’10” feet 147 cm38.5- 46.7 kg
4’11” feet 150 cm40.8- 49.9 kg
5’0” feet 152 cm40.1- 53 kg
5’1” feet 155 cm45.8- 55.8 kg
5’2” feet 157 cm48.1- 58.9 kg
5’3” feet 160 cm50.8- 60.1 kg
5’4” feet 163 cm50.0- 64.8 kg
5’5” feet 165 cm55.3- 68 kg
5’6” feet 168 cm70.7 kg
5’7” feet 170 cm60.3- 73.9 kg
5’8” feet 173 cm70.6 kg
5’9” feet 175 cm65.3- 79.8 kg
5’10” feet 178 cm67.6- 83 kg
5’11” feet 180 cm 70.3- 85.7 kg
6’0” feet 183 cm72.6- 88.9 kg 

Female Height Weight Chart

Height in FeetHeight in cmAverage Weight Range in kg
4’6”137 cm28.5- 34.9 kg
4’7”140 cm30.8- 37.6 kg
4’8”142 cm32.6- 39.9 kg
4’9”145 cm34.9- 42.6 kg
4’10”147 cm36.4- 44.9 kg
4’11”150 cm47.6 kg
5’0”152 cm40.8- 49.9 kg
5’1”155 cm43.1- 52.6 kg
5’2”157 cm44.9- 54.9 kg
5’3”160 cm47.2- 57.6 kg
5’4”163 cm59.9 kg
5’5”165 cm51.2- 62.6 kg
5’6”168 cm64.8 kg
5’7”170 cm 55.3- 67.6 kg
5’8”173 cm57.1- 69.8 kg
5’9”175 cm59.4- 72.6 kg
5’10”178 cm61.2- 74.8 kg
5’11”180 cm63.5- 77.5 kg
6’0”183 cm65.3- 79.8 kg

How Can I Calculate My Ideal Weight?

weight formula

Traditionally the rule of thumb method was used to calculate the ideal weight. According to the older weight calculator, these formulas can evaluate the perfect weight of any certain person:

  • Ideal male body weight = 50 kg + 1.9 kg for every inch above 5 feet.
  • Female ideal body weight= 49 kg + 1.7 kg for every inch above 5 feet
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Modern studies are using BMI values to describe the ideal weight of men and women.

Tips To Maintain Ideal Weight According To Your Height

  • Maintain a Healthy Diet

It is very important to take a balanced diet or diet according to the needs of your body. Food is a very essential part of life, thus you should take food containing carbohydrates, protein, fiber, etc. Doctors and dietitians can help you to make your regular diet plan. 

  • Exercise Regularly

You should adopt yoga and physical exercises to make your body fit. Yoga and other aerobic exercises help you to maintain your weight according to your height. With the help of yoga practices, you can also gain body mass and lose weight. These practices make your personality attractive.

  • Reduce Stress

If you want to maintain your weight according to your height you should make your mind stress-free. For it, you can adopt healthy eating practices, meditation, etc.


Health is a very important asset and it can make your life better. A healthy person is always shining with joy and enthusiasm. The height and body weight depends on genetics, a healthy diet, and other physical activities.

If you want to lead a healthy lifestyle then you should follow healthy practices. You can check the data related to height and weight proportionate easily with the above male-female height weight chart.