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Easy Ways To Boost Your Productivity at Work

The hustle culture is growing, and it’s pushing people to spend unhealthy amounts of time working. This hustle culture sometimes impacts productivity, instead of improving it. Even if you start your day with a plan to do so much work you can end up distracted, prioritizing less valuable work, and just procrastinating. There could be a lot of reasons that you’re ending up losing your productivity. 

There are tons of ways to boost your productivity so you can focus on work. But the question is, what short-term and long-term habits should be developed to boost your productivity at Work? Well, here we are going to answer this question. Let’s get started:

Easy Ways to Boost Your Productivity at Work

There are some habits you can change to improve your productivity at work. If you’re suffering from productivity issues, read till the end, and hopefully, you’ll be able to boost productivity. 

1. Stop Multitasking 

You probably must have heard the phrase “Stepping on Two Boats”. This is a phrase that best describes a scenario in which you handle two or more things at the same time but ends-up getting nothing. Even scientists have proven that humans have only a limited amount of cognitive bandwidth. So, we can only pay attention to, think about, or remember a certain number of things at one time.

To boost your productivity, you need to stop multitasking or stop doing multiple things simultaneously. Having focused on one work at one time makes you more productive and improves your concentration.

2. Focus on the Biggest Tasks First

Research has proved that humans have limited willpower. Willpower means the total working capacity of the body and mind. 

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Our minds are like a battery that need to be recharged and run out of power after long use. That’s why you should give more priority to your important work first. To stay more focused and to stay productive, always aim to complete the biggest time-consuming tasks before any other.

3. Limit Interruption

We cannot deny the fact that today we have endless interruptions from everywhere. Notifications from our social media, wasting your time playing video games, or just spending time chatting in the workplace are all interruptions. The fact of the matter is that interruptions are everywhere.

Needless to say that interruptions leave a big impact on your productivity. You have to make it a point and try to find out these interruptions and get yourself free from them. You can try some hacks to stay away from your interruptions. Keep your smartphone silent while you’re working, giving some separate time to your interruptions rather than getting disturbed during your work. Make sure all your distractions are out of sight.

4. Take Breaks

Never underestimate the power of breaks. Knowing your limit and then taking a break is an incredible way to keep up your productivity. 

A human body is not a machine. It means we cannot work continuously like machines. We require continuous rest to work properly. Some small breaks during your work can keep your mind refreshed and improve your productivity as well. You can take 15 minutes to break after every hour of work. Get some fresh air, stretch your muscle, and drink water.

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5. Follow the Two Minutes Rule

David Allen formulated the two-minute rule in his bestselling book named ‘Getting Things Done – the art of stress-free productivity’. In his Two minutes rule he tells that if you have any work which can be done in two minutes or less. Do it first immediately. The principle is that doing it later can take a long time rather than when you do it right away.

6. Get Your Workstation Organised

A study called ‘PERSONALITY AND SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY BULLETIN’  concluded that people who live in “cluttered” places are more likely to be depressed and fatigued than people who lived and work in “restful” and “organized” places. 

So, before you do anything else, take a little time to organize and declutter your workspace. A clutter-free surrounding helps you think more clearly and produce better results, By cleaning up and organizing your place, you can increase your productivity and concentration.

7. Write Down Your Goals

Writing down your goals is a great step to getting a clear and exact idea of what to achieve, and how to achieve your tasks. Writing down your goals lets you decide where to start your work and it’s a really powerful step to boost your productivity and improve your outcome in the result. You can have a to-do list and a blueprint before starting your work. 

8. Figure Out Your Most Productive Work Time

Everyone has a different schedule and a specific time period when they’re most productive. Some of us are most productive during the daytime, while others are during the nighttime.

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It’s essential to become aware of which hours of the day you experience the most alertness and attention. Commit these hours to your most essential tasks. This is mainly beneficial if you work remotely and can decide your schedules at the end of the day. This is a great way to boost productivity at work. 

9. Pops of Color or Live Plants

According to the psychology of humans, it has been studied color makes a huge impact on the mood and mental state of humans. For example,  Blue can give a calming feeling and assist you in focus, green refers to healing, freshness, and so on. 

A recent study is undiscovered that having a plant in the workspace reduces stress and pushed people to be more productive. So the tip is that try to put and be among the positive colors which makes productivity change in your work.

10. Practice Mindfulness and Meditation

A study shows that activities like mindfulness and meditation help the white matter in the brain. And when white matter increases, it helps to improve the speed and transmission of electrical nerve signals along extensions of the nerve cells called axons. 

Ultimately, it also improves the functionality and productivity of your brain. So in order to improve your productivity, you can spend around 15 to 30 minutes in meditation and mindfulness in the morning.