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Top 7 Most Downloaded Mobile Games

The population of game lovers is increasing day by day. Technological advancement makes it possible that we are playing lots of amazing and high-quality games on our mobile phones. 

Through mobile phones, we can play these games anywhere and anytime without facing any trouble. Here I will present the most popular mobile games list below which are played by Game lovers.

PUBG Mobile500 Million+
Genshin Impact50 Million+
Mobile Legends Bang Bang 500 Million+
Free Fire1 Billion+
8 Ball Pool500 Million+
Call Of Duty Mobile 50 Million+
Among Us 500 Million+
Asphalt 950 Million+
League Of Legends10 Million+
Pokemon Go 100 Million+

Most Played Mobile Games

Here I will provide a full explanation of the most downloaded mobile games in this world.

1. PUBG Mobile

Releasing DateMarch 19, 2018
Age Rating 16+
Number of Downloads500M+

The full form of PUBG is “Player Unknown Battleground”. It was launched as a PC game and now it’s also available for mobile players. Now PUBG is available for PCs as well as for mobiles.

Any game lover can download it from the mobile app store. PUBG is now on the list of the most popular mobile games throughout the world.

The PUBG game starts with all the players in the waiting lobby. The game starts and all 100 players are on the plane, waiting to reach an island. Players can choose the kind of map they want to play in. Then players choose to land on different parts of the map with the help of a parachute. 

The players have to find weapons and other gear to fight their enemy. The aim of the game is to collect weapons and kill other players. If you survive till the end, you’ll be deemed the winner. 

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PUBG is available in solo, multiplayer, and friend modes as well.

If you are looking for the most played mobile games then you must play this game. After playing this game you will feel a different kind of thrill. This is what made PUBG one of the most downloaded games in 2024.

2. Genshin Impact

Released DateSeptember 18, 2020
Age Rating 12+
Developer miHoYo Limited
Number of Downloads50M+

We can play the Genshin impact game on both mobile phones and PC. This game is full of outstanding graphics with a well-balanced color selection. This game also shows high-quality 2D graphics anime and 3D animation at the same time. If you’re just by visuals, this game is a masterpiece. 

This game is a fantastic open-world kind of game. It has lots of environmental interaction between players. You can climb, swim or glide in this game. It has the vast open world map of Teyvat.

The number of downloads of this game is increasing rapidly and it has 10M+ users on Google Play alone. This game is also available on other platforms, such as iOS, PlayStation5, etc. 

3. Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Releasing DateSeptember  28, 2016
Age Rating 7+
Developer Moonton 
Number of Downloads500M+

Mobile Legend Bang Bang is the most popular MOBA ( Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game. This game is one step ahead of the other most popular cell phone games of MOBA. In this game, the players fight for 5v5 in a single match.

This game is just similar to DOTA, so if you are familiar with the DOTA game you will love this game. If you are searching for an alternative to DOTA, then you must try it. 

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Now the facilities of this game are improving and it has solved the problem of the legging. This game is one of the smoothest MOBA games. This game breaks the barrier of 100M downloads in the Google Play Store alone. Therefore Mobile Legends Bang Bang has included it on the most popular cell phone games list.

4. Free Fire 

This game has more downloads than other most popular mobile games because it is similar to PUBG and more famous among kids. 

Releasing DateNovember 3, 2017
Age Rating 12+
Developer Garena International
Number of Downloads1B+

Free Fire is one of the popular online shooter games that can be played on your mobile. In this game, the players are dropped through a plane via parachute. Then players of this game will search for some lootable items for surviving. 

The lootable items include guns, Armor, headgear, medicine kit, and other weapons to kill enemies or to protect yourself. 

Free Fire has over 1 Billion downloads on the Google Play Store. This game has more downloads than other most popular cell phone games.

 5. 8 Ball Pool

Releasing DateJanuary 23, 2013
Age Rating 12+
Developer Miniclip.com
Number of Downloads500M+

If you are a lover of billiards, you will love 8 Ball Pool. The digital version of billiards sport has now become very popular among game lovers. Players can play it on mobile and PC.

8 Ball Pool has been available to play since 2013. The user base of this game is increasing regularly. It has recently had 500M+ users on the Google Play Store. If you want to choose the number one billiards gaming platform from the most popular mobile games, then you can use this game.

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6. Call of Duty Mobile 

Releasing DateSeptember 27, 2019
Age Rating 16+
Developer Garena 
Number of Downloads50M+

This game is just similar to the PUBG game. This game was originally introduced as a computer game. At that time people played this game on their computer devices and or in any Cyber cafe.

Today this game is available for mobile phone users. This is a very amazing shooter game in today’s world. Before playing this game you must learn about the Claw technique. In this technique, you use four fingers instead of two fingers while playing. This technique is most commonly used in shooting games. 

This shooting game now has  10+ million downloads on the Google Play Store. The list of most popular mobile games is incomplete without including the Call Of Duty Mobile game.

7. Among US

Releasing DateJuly  15, 2018
Age Rating 7+
Developer Innersloth
Number of Downloads100M+

Among Us took the whole world by storm. Celebrities, individuals, and even big corporations took advantage of the game’s popularity. The game generates a feeling of threat and suspense that is enough to keep players engaged. 

You can also play this game with your friends. This game provides different types of challenges to investigate and figure out the killer (impostor) in the group. This game is a combination of mystery and suspense. Through it, you also can improve your detective skills. One thing’s for sure, you’ll love the avatars. 

This game is good for people of all age groups. This game contains satisfactory graphics but it is a thriller that provides gamers with a feel of a detective.

The Among Us game has broken the mark of 100M+ downloads in the Google Play Store. This is enough for the selection of this game in the most popular phone games. 

Conclusion: Most Downloaded Mobile Games 2024

After the mass production of mobile phones, the gaming business is rising day by day. Today mobile phones contain all the things, such as music, videos, movies, etc including games.

 There are many games that are now becoming the most popular mobile games with their amazing facilities, such as good graphics and gaming features. Through a mobile phone, you can play countless games. 

The most popular mobile phone games are PUBG, Free Fire, Call of duty, Among us, etc. These games are the market captain of this gaming industry. They are providing regular updates to their users and also working to improve their services to attract customers.

The mobile phone provides scope for gaming industries and therefore now they are growing their businesses rapidly.