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The Best PC Games to Play in 2024

With a large selection of games that cater to a variety of interests and preferences, PC gaming has long been a mainstay of the gaming industry. Modern gaming rigs have the strength and versatility to enable PC games to produce graphics that are unmatched, and expansive.  

In this article, we will discuss the best PC games that have permanently changed the gaming industry. These games have won critical acclaim, enthralled millions of players, and are still enthralling players today. Whether you are a seasoned PC gamer or a first-time user, these games are must-play. Let’s get started!

The Best PC Games 2024 for Gamers

1. Diablo 4

The Diablo series is the crowning achievement for Blizzard; it is a protracted story of good versus evil, heaven versus hell, and clicking until you suffer a form of repetitive strain injury. 

According to our D4 review, Diablo 4 is the biggest and best game in the series to date, offering a compelling narrative, an enjoyable gameplay loop, and gorgeously gory visuals. It would not be a long shot to call Diablo 4 one of the best PC games to come out this year.

Using Diablo 4’s character customization system, players can give their characters hundreds of unique armor pieces, as well as specific facial and physical traits, Although there are many barbarians, this one belongs to you. 

Players will be able to alter specific pieces of armor or entire outfits thanks to an expanded dye system.

2. Valorant

Since 2012, CS:GO has held the title of best competitive FPS game without being challenged. If you’re looking for the best games for PC free, Valorant has to be on your list. 

Its shooting mechanics prioritize mechanical skill over all other factors; its weapon economy encourages constant tactical repositioning; and it has perfectly balanced maps.

The game also incorporates a cast of heroes, each of whom has passive, active, and ultimate abilities. 

Some of those skills, like smokescreens, flashes, and grenades, have CS:GO equivalents, but each Agent’s toolkit has subtle differences that make each round play out differently.

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3. Half-Life: Alyx

Alyx is a fantastic Half-Life game that has been getting years of VR hype. Alyx’s scope is undoubtedly smaller than that of the main Half-Life games, but despite the fact that missions there frequently take place in a single structure, the level of interaction you can engage in goes far beyond that of the Gravity Gun. 

Whether it’s in showy situations like using a wooden beam to play baseball with enemy grenades or just sweeping clutter off shelves to find extra ammunition. It has that satisfying video game feeling, similar to a shotgun blast in Doom or Mario’s “yahoo!”.

Even though it came out in 2020, the game deserves to be on our list of the Best PC games to play in 2024.

4. Red Dead Redemption 2

As a member of the Van der Linde gang and an outlaw, you take on the role of Arthur Morgan. A huge, painstakingly created world that is visually stunning and immersive is offered in the game.

It has a complex plot with morally conflicted characters, themes of loyalty, redemption, and the pursuit of the American Dream. Red Dead Redemption 2 is an absolute masterpiece of video gaming, boasting gorgeous graphics, an engaging story, and engaging gameplay. 

We can say this for sure, you’re stepping into an emotional rollercoaster when you start playing this game.

5. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Action adventure game Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales was created by Insomniac Games. It follows Miles Morales, who has assumed the role of Spider-Man, in the same universe as its predecessor. 

The game’s plot centers on Miles juggling his dual existence as a superhero and a high school student while defending New York City from a gang war.

The game offers an immersive experience thanks to its gorgeous graphics, fluid web-swinging mechanics, and thrilling combat. 

Fans of the Spider-Man franchise will experience a new and thrilling adventure thanks to the addition of fresh elements like Mile’s distinctive bioelectric powers and a vibrant winter setting.

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6. Divinity: Original Sin 2

The Larian Studies-produced role-playing game Divinity: Original Sin 2 has received praise from critics. Set in the fantastical world of Rivellon, the game offers a rich and captivating narrative. 

The goal of the quest is to help the world escape a looming threat and become divine. Unparalleled freedom and player agency are provided by the game’s rich narrative and challenging choices. 

It includes an intricate character customization system, a cooperative multiplayer mode, and a challenging turn-based combat system. RPG enthusiasts will find the game to be a true gem in the genre thanks to its gorgeous graphics, meticulous environments, and intricate world-building.

7. Inscryption

The psychological horror card game “Inscryption” was created by Daniel Mullins Games, and it is distinct and engrossing. Deck-building, puzzle-solving, and roguelike gameplay are all incorporated into the game in a seamless manner. The game creates an ever-lasting environment of fear and suspense. Which itself makes it one of the best PC games to play in 2024.

The game’s participants are forced to play a sinister card game against an evil force while stranded in a gloomy and eerie cabin.

Through the clever integration of narrative and gameplay, the game’s plot develops, making for an engaging and suspenseful experience. Inscryption keeps players interested and on the edge of their seats with its creative mechanics, shocking turns, and clever puzzles.

The game stands out in the indie game market thanks to its eerie atmosphere, unsettling sound design, and deftly crafted meta-narrative.

8. Outer Wilds

Outer Wilds is a breathtaking and introspective exploration game developed by Mobius Digital. You set out on a cosmic adventure as an astronaut in a custom-built solar system that is stuck in a time loop. 

The secret to comprehending the impending doom is discovering the secrets of the universe. The game features an engaging non-linear plot that promotes exploration and curiosity. 

Its distinctive features include a dynamic world that moves according to its own schedule, challenging puzzles, and a constant sense of wonder. 

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Outer Wilds is a masterpiece that alters your viewpoint, inspires awe, and has a lasting effect. Anyone looking for a truly transformative gaming experience must have it.

9. Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise is a hunter video game developed by Capcom. The game’s setting, Kamura Village, is breathtaking, and players assume the role of a skilled hunter tasked with protecting the community from dangerous monsters. 

The plot revolves around solving the mystery surrounding the Rampage, a catastrophic event that is endangering the country.

There are many formidable creatures to hunt in the game’s expansive open world, which also boasts fluid gameplay mechanics. 

The dynamic combat, cooperative multiplayer mode, and new gameplay elements like the Wirebug and Palamutes in Monster Hunter Rise provide a thrilling and immersive hunting experience that will captivate both new and seasoned players.

10. Hades

Supergiant Games created the acclaimed roguelike action game Hades. Players take on the role of Zagreus, the son of Hades, as he attempts to flee the underworld in this Greek mythology-themed game. The plot develops over several runs, illuminating the nuanced interactions between gods and humans. 

The game features intense gameplay, quick combat, and a rich progression system. Hades has won praise for its storytelling thanks to its stunning visuals, engrossing setting, and compelling story. 

It is a must-see for rogue-telling enthusiasts. For fans of Greek mythology, roguelike games, and immersive storytelling, it is a must-read. 

Bottom Line – Best PC Games to Play in 2024

In conclusion, 2024 looks to be an exciting year for PC gamers thanks to a lineup of outstanding titles that cater to a range of tastes and preferences. From the exhilarating open-world journeys of Diablo 4 and Valorant to the compelling storytelling and strategic gameplay of Divinity: Original Sin 2, Half-Life: Alyx, etc. These top PC games all provide one-of-a-kind and unforgettable experiences. With these top 10 games, PC gaming is set for an amazing and engaging year.