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10 Different YouTube Alternatives to Try Instead of YouTube

YouTube is undoubtedly the biggest video streaming platform. There there are more than 2 billion users and 800+ million videos on it. If you find the sheer number of videos on the platform a little overwhelming, there are some YouTube alternatives you can try. 

Too many videos on YouTube can make it feel cluttered. Also, YouTube is full of overbearing clickbait and excessively recommended videos are tiresome. 

There are multiple YouTube alternatives that you can give a try as a creator and as a viewer. These alternatives are YouTube’s competitors and have a variety of content.

In some ways, the alternatives are better platforms than YouTube. So, let’s talk about them.

Best YouTube Alternatives

Here’s our list of the top YouTube alternatives. Each video streaming site comes with its fair share of pros and cons, so give them all a try to see which ones you love.

1. Playeur – Strong YouTube Competitor

Playeur is one of the biggest competitor of YouTube. It offers a variety of options for free content and is similar to YouTube in that respect. Playeur has advertisements in between videos, but you can get rid of them by paying the content producer directly. What makes it a great option is that you can sign up on the platform by creating a new account or with your existing YouTube account.

Features & UI similar to YouTube.Fewer content compared to YouTube.
Charges content creators just 5% of their revenue, which is less than YouTube.You always may not find the content you want to watch.
Can pay the content producer directly.
Chat-based customer support.
Never-ending live streaming

2. Twitch – For Gamers

Nobody, not even YouTube, can compete with Twitch when it comes to the best video content platform for gamers. Twitch is the king of gaming video content, though YouTube does have some gaming content. Gaming, news, music, inspirational content, and political events are all streamed live on Twitch.

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Range of gaming content.Only famous for gaming content.
Find out about upcoming games.
Check out the game demos on Twitch before making any game purchases.
Permit communication with other players.

3. DailyMotion – Closest YouTube Equivalent

DailyMotion was introduced in French. It is a video-sharing website that is comparable to YouTube. On DailyMotion, it’s simple to locate your favourite brands and celebrities. The venue is well known for its high-quality, more personalised videos.

More similar to YouTube than other competitors.Getting published here is challenging.
More than 350 million regular users.
Offers videos and content in HD.

4. Vimeo – Higher Quality YouTube

Vimeo is a great substitute for YouTube. Vimeo is home to different types of content. The most common types include – live streaming, TV shows, and movies. Therefore, Vimeo is your best option if you’re looking for a YouTube alternative that has some YouTube-like qualities.

Good video quality.Selected content is available.
Offers expert content, such as articles on education, independent films, etc.Not appropriate for those looking for funny and quirky videos.
Easy and straightforward navigation.

5. TED – Ideal for Education and Inspiration

Another YouTube alternative, TED is a non-profit media platform with a stronger emphasis on educational and inspirational content. 

You should choose TED if you want to switch to a platform that’s more focused on informative, inspiring, and motivating content. The platform is jam-packed with real-life experiences, concepts, life lessons, and guidance from famous people.

Perfect for inspirational and educational videos.There is no music, gaming, news, or other related content; it is only limited to education and inspiration.
Wide range of educational subjects.
Good for a daily dose of motivation.

6. DTube – The Blockchain YouTube

DTube is short for “decentralised tube. You can access a variety of videos on the DTube. If you didn’t guess it till now, it’s a fully decentralised open-source video platform, and you can also earn cryptocurrency rewards.

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Everything can be watched for free.Smaller platform as compared to other alternatives or YouTube.
Decentralisation gives you effective content control.

7. Facebook Watch – For Facebook Users

The Facebook equivalent of YouTube is Facebook Watch. It combines Facebook and YouTube. Facebook Watch doesn’t ask you to create a separate account as it’s a part of your Facebook Account. However, you need to register to comment, follow, or engage in other offenses.

Ideal for Facebook usersSame kind of privacy and data collection issues as Google.
Wide range of content
Live streaming

8. TikTok – For Short-Form Content

When looking for a quick video fix, TikTok is helpful. The majority of the topics are covered in brief videos, but it is quickly growing in popularity for its musical and dance-related shorts. Furthermore, you can pick TikTok if you’re looking for quick guides, tips, tricks, and hacks.

A high number of users to other alternatives.Banned in many countries like India.
Offers short video content.
Ideal for having some fun.

9. Odysee – For Less Censorship

Odysee is another video streaming platform that’s built and run on Blockchain. It has some features that YouTube doesn’t. These specific features make it stand above YouTube in some regards. 

You can consume content in writing, images, and audio files, for instance, but video content is the most well-known type of content.

Blockchain-based media platform.Limited content availability.
Variety of topics to watch videos on.

10. The Internet Archive – For Older Movies, TV, and Concerts

The Internet Archive is the best option if you want to access older films, TV shows, and other content that isn’t available anywhere else. The platform has an extensive library of older films, movie clips, vintage TV episodes, live concerts, etc.

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Perfect for finding and streaming old films, shows, and other media that aren’t found anywhere else.No newer content.
The majority of the content is available for free download.Not much social interaction.
Suitable for dated content.

Conclusion on Youtube Alternatives

In conclusion, there are many other online video platforms besides YouTube. The YouTube alternatives we’ve mentioned above are great if you want to take a break from YouTube. Whether you’re looking for short-form videos, live streaming, curated content, intellectual talks, or free speech, you’ll find them all on these platforms. If you’re in the mood to try out something new, give these platforms a try.