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DND Languages For DND Role Play Games

DND is a role-playing game and is played with many friends or players. AD&D (the original), AD&D2E (the second edition), and D&D5 (the fifth edition) are the different editions of D&D.

This game contains different characters such as a wizard, a cleric, a thief, a fighter, etc. The users of this game manage their characters during the game.

D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) languages are popularly known as the language of dragons. This language contains lokharic alphabet or script for writing or speaking. This language is also included by draconic-related races and the reptilian races. 

The game character of this role-playing game can speak in only default 5e languages In dungeons and dragons (D&D) 5th addition game. This language you must see in your gaming background of race and other games. Today we have the 5th addition of DND language which contains features to decode DND language in actual language. 

You must select any of the DND languages according to your need. You also have the option to select any of the languages from the DND standard languages table. 

AbyssalInfernal Demons, chaotic evil outsiders
Aquan Elvish Water-based creatures
Auran Draconic Air-based creatures
CelestialCelestial Celestials( angels, devas)
Common Common Humans, halflings, half-elves, half-orcs
Deep Speech Mind-flayers, beholders
Draconic Draconic Kobolds, troglodytes, lizardflok, dragons, Dragonborn
Druidic Druidic Druids(only)
Dwarvish Dwarvish Dwarves 
Elvish Elvish Elves 
Giant DwarvishOgres, giants
Gnomish DwarvishGnomes 
Goblin DwarvishGoblinoids, hobgoblins, bugbears
Gnoll Common Gnolls 
Halfling Common Halflings 
Ignan  Draconic Fire-based creature
Infernal Infernal Devils, Tieflings 
Primordial DwarvishElements 
Sylvan Elvish Fey-creatures( dryads, brownies, leprechauns)
Terran Dwarven Xorns and other earth-based creatures
UndercommonnElvish Drow, Underdark traders

These languages are known as families of languages that have many dialects. We can communicate with different characters in games easily.

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The Best DND 5E Languages

You must choose DND 5E language according to your need and according to your character. Now I am providing you with some of the beat DND 5E languages which are very useful. These languages are given below:

  1. Deep Speech
  2. Sylvan language 5e
  3. Demon language
  4. Obscure languages
  5. Drow language
  6. Infernal language
  7. Goblin language
  8. Primordial 5e
  9. Draconic language
  10. Gnoll 
  11. Giant
  12. DND 5e ORC

We can use “ Ignan” as the “obscure languages” in the above list of the best 5e languages.

How to Choose a New Language From 5E Languages 

After choosing a new 5e language you can easily interact with your characters. There are some points to finding new languages for your DND character, which are given below:

  • Before starting we must have knowledge of any of the “ two 5e languages”.
  • Your Race contains your character’s default 5e languages.
  • You can access more 5e languages from different “Race”.
  • For example, when you choose “Half-Elf”, so you can demand additional languages from “Dungeon Master”. Your “INT score” is not compulsory for this process.
  • You also can get additional language from your background. But you can utilize it on some particular tasks.
  • You can choose any campaign-specific language from the “Standard Languages Table”.
  • Through the “Consent From The Dungeon master,” you can choose any 5e language from the “ Exotic Language Table”.
  • The “ Exotic Language Table” provides that language that can not be used by any opposite competitor.
  • You also can purchase “Speak Language skills”.

You can increase your character levels after learning more 5e languages. Through the above processor, you can learn many of the languages which can enhance your ability in gaming.

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Best Sources to Get The 5e Languages

I am going to provide sources where you can find your favorite 5e languages without having any trouble. These sources are given below:

  1. SCAG = swords coast adventure’s guide
  2. PHB = player’s handbook (123 pages)
  3. MToF = mordenkainen’s tome of foes
  4. VGtM = volo’s guuide to monsters
  5. MM = monster manual

Through the above sources, you can easily get languages according to your need and you can also get sets of rules and regulations.

List of Languages in DND

Now, I am going to provide lists of standard languages and exotic languages which will definitely help you to communicate with your character.

Standard Languages:

You can use these languages in dungeons and dragons role play games to communicate with your intended character. The list of standard languages is given below:

  • Common(PHB) 
  • Dwarvish(PHB) 
  • Elvish(PHB) 
  • Giant (PHB) 
  • Gnomish(PHB) 
  • Goblin(PHB) 
  • Halfling(PHB) 
  • ORC(PHB) 

Standard Language( Ravnica):

  • Abyssal 5e(PHB) 
  • Celestial(PHB) 
  • Common(PHB) 
  • Draconic (PHB) 
  • Elvish(PHB) 
  • Giant(PHB) 
  • Kraul(GGtR)
  • Loxodon (GGtR)
  • Merfolk(GGtR)
  • Mintotaur(GGtR)
  • Sphinx(GGtR)
  • Vedalkin (GGtR)

Exotic Languages:

  • Abyssal(PHB)
  • Celestial (PHB)
  • Draconic(PHB)
  • Deep speech(PHB)
  • Infernal(PHB)
  • primodial(PHB)
    • Aquan
    • Auran
    • Ignan
    • Terran
  • Sylvan(PHB)
  • Undercommon (PHB)

Race or Class Specific Languages:

  1. Aarakocra (VGtm)
  2. Druidic (PHB)
  3. Gith (MToF)
  4. Thieves’ Cant (PHB)

Forgotten Realms Human Languages( Requires GM Permission):

The “ Swords Coast Adventure’s Guide” provides the forgotten realms human languages. In it, you can find all the languages in the form of book but you first take the permission of the GM or the Dungeon master.

  1. Dambrathan
  2. Bedine
  3. Alzhedo
  4. Chondathan
  5. Damaran
  6. Waelan
  7. Guran
  8. Halruaan
  9. Llluskan
  10. Roushoum
  11. Chessentan
  12. Mulhorandi
  13. Untheric
  14. Thayan
  15. Rashemi
  16. Shaaran
  17. Shou
  18. Tuigan
  19. Turmic
  20. Uluik
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We all know that the DND game is a very popular role-playing game where we can know the use of specific language. For solving this problem, DND 5e languages originated. Through it, users can feel good and this thing also increases the interest of users.

We hope the above information will help our readers to increase their productivity in the DND role-playing game.