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Top 8 Best Magento 2 App Builder Extensions

Magento 2 app builder is without a doubt perhaps the most ideal decision for app building an internet business site and Magento 2 portable application manufacturer advancement is one of the most stylish decisions for the equivalent. According to a recent survey, there are about 167,236 websites built on Magento 2.

In recent years, the Magento 2 platform has upgraded many features and functionalities. As a solution to this, online businesses can integrate various extensions to expand the capabilities of their stores.

Here, we will be looking at some of the top Magento 2 extensions that offer different business functions that you must use.

1. Magento 2 CMS App Builder

After the upgrade in 2018, this Magento extension is proving to be the most trusted and effective extension for Magento 2 users. With over 1.2% of the CMS market share, this extension allows the building of complex and rich-accessible content related to Magento extensions. Through this, online stores can save a lot of time, money & effort. And customers can create and edit your page preferably fast.

You can use a drag-and-drop interface with 30+ builder elements supported and build your page easily without any extra effort.

Remarkable features:

  • Product Description Builder
  • Category Landing page Builder
  • Compatible with any Magento 2 themes
  • Empower you to create as many CMS Pages as possible
  • Tons of Builder Elements
  • Visual
  • User and business-friendly

2. Language Translator for Magento2

It is risky as well as unprofessional if your website shows incorrect translated information right? And your company definitely doesn’t want to come up in the ‘disasters by incorrect translation’ articles.

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This extension integrates with your website’s backend. This allows you to translate the content into the language of your choice by using Google API from the backend itself. After which you can even edit the final display output using the WYSIWYG editor.

Remarkable features:

  • Mass translation
  • Quick search and instant translation
  • Translate web content
  • Provides daily translation quota

3. Lookbook for Magento 2 extension

The Lookbook allows you to create multiple image collections for your products based on the images that you upload. It even offers a pinning option for every image, yes Pinterest feels! They can just pin their choice of product and create their own gallery of products to buy them in bulk.

Imagine all these features in your fashion Estore! These specialties can add charm to any eCommerce website. With an easy-to-use interface and providing relevant information, your customers will want to purchase your products more and visit your site frequently.

Remarkable features:

  • Accelerates sales by promoting combo packages 
  • Allows pinning images.
  • Provides 2 kinds of pin: product detail and custom text

4. Advanced SEO Suite Magento extension

SEO is key to increasing engagement and lead count for your eCommerce website, you just need to avoid some eCommerce SEO mistakes. And talking about E-commerce, developing a Magento2 mobile app builder is all that you want. You can include extensions there too.

SEO helps your website rank in the top Google search engine. This extension helps to manage cross-links for your website too. It helps to enhance the organic search results.

Remarkable features:

  • Auto-generated snippets for store Products
  • Category Rich Snippet
  • Organization Rich Snippet
  • Reviews Rich Snippet
  • Product Rich Snippet
  • Breadcrumbs Rich.
  • Manages SEO settings for pages, categories, and layered navigation
  • Gets advanced rich snippets
  • Generates Meta-tags by templates
  • Generates advanced Sitemap for Google
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5. OneSaas

OneSaas is one of the “best Magento 2 app builder extensions” to enhance the accounting and finance functions. It automates the whole accounting and finance functions of the store including:

Remarkable features:

  • Automates accounting and finance functions
  • Connects multiple sales channels to a single account
  • Automates the workflow process and data management
  • Eliminates human errors
  • Improves efficiency of the system

6. Delivery Date Scheduler for Magento 2

In this generation, where people prefer online shopping and offline deliveries, extensions like Delivery date schedulers are all you want. For customers, this extension allows them to choose the date and/or time for the delivery or for when not to deliver. And for you, It gives a variety of options in the back end to:

  • Manage delivery times
  • Global and product-level delivery cutoffs
  • Undeliverables times
  • Intervals between the order
  • Pre-selected default delivery date, and more.

Remarkable features:

  • Allows date Selection on Product Page, Checkout, or Cart Page
  • Sets store-level or product-wise order processing time
  • Has a count-Down Timer to Indicate Same-Day Delivery
  • Accesses support for multi-address delivery
  • Restricts Delivery Option Based on Cart Amount
  • Supports Rest API and GraphQL

7. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM enhances the marketing function of your online store. Magento 2 allows users to integrate Zoho CRM within their E-commerce stores. This extension helps in segmenting the data into various groups based on the customers’ activities. This assists the store managers in creating marketing campaigns and activities to increase sales.

Remarkable features:

  • Improve conversion rates
  • Leverages detailed customer profile
  • Helps in maintaining better customer relationships.
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8. Stripe Extension

Have you scrolled down searching for extensions available for secure payments? Well, here it is. It allows instant payment connection using the Stripe.js token.

Remarkable features:

  • Secures highly preferred payment getaways for E-commerce stores
  • Enables smooth refunds and cancellations

Wrapping Up

Income and sales are surely something you should concentrate on but don’t forget to provide assistance and services to your customer. When it comes to business, try to give more than your audience expects. This helps your business to get recognition.

Serve experience, not just products. Magento 2 app builder extensions are the solution. Comfort your audience with a variety of helpful and automated services.