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How to Get Free Views and Likes on Instagram in 2024: Step-by-Step Guide

If you want to get free views and likes on Instagram, then this guide is the perfect option for you. After the ban of TikTok (formerly known as Musically) in several countries, Instagram took the right step by offering videos on its platform. Now, videos are a huge part of the content offered by Instagram. So, it makes sense that users want to search for options to get Instagram reels to view for free.

This need to get free views and likes on Instagram is growing as the platform is giving more importance and reach to video content instead of ordinary photo content. Plus, videos allow for more creativity, compared to photos and brands can utilize this in their favor. Here’s our guide on Instagram reels views increase free and easily.

Get Free Views and Likes on Instagram

Content creators and brands all try their best to accumulate as many Instagram reels view free, but the harsh truth is that not everyone can get millions. To get free views and likes on Instagram, here are some of the best steps you can follow:

1. Keep Creating Content

One of the best and easiest ways to make sure that you get free views and likes on Instagram is by constantly publishing content. When you keep publishing new reels and posts, you’ll be able to reach a wide range of audiences. If your Instagram video gets enough likes and comments, you can even show up on the explore page where new people can see you.

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Content creation based on video is simple, choose a location or a place that is perfect for your brand. The videos should be small, catchy, and innovative enough to keep the customers engaged.

Compared to longer videos, shorter videos reach more people. The reason is simple, people like to watch shorter and more interesting videos instead of longer videos.

2. Related Accounts

Another method you can try to get Instagram reels views to increase free is to collect data on niche-specific accounts. Collect additional data and make a list of followers on these niche-specific cats. 

You can use the hashtags they use and follow related accounts to appear on specific people’s lists. You can even take inspiration from accounts and businesses that are similar to yours. This is another method to get free views and likes on Instagram.

3. Try and Build an Engagement Group

If you’re a business, then you can get free views and likes on Instagram by creating a kind of focus group. You can ask the creative department to provide insights on the content, and based on the information you get, you can make new videos.

Video content reaches a large number of people, so the more innovative content you can create, the more users you’ll get. You can use data to get free views and likes on Instagram.

4. Behind the Scenes

Most big brands and widely known content creators use this technique to get free views and like on Instagram. Apart from videos, you can also post the behind-the-scenes of making the videos. If you can show how much time and effort it takes to make small videos, more people will follow your account.

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There’s a huge audience base that loves to watch the scenes of common videos. Many are interested in your work background and how you make these videos.

5. IGTV and Stories

You can also leverage IGTV and stories to get free views and likes on Instagram. You can use your stories and ask your followers to share the videos so you’ll get more exposure.

Post a story with your IGTV and connect followers in both stories and IGTV. The stories are easy to post and can help in boosting brand engagement.

6. Make a Schedule for Posting

This process might be a bit tricky, but if you do it perfectly you can get Instagram reel views for free. All you need to do is to know about your audience’s most active time on Instagram. When you post a video or photo during these hours, you can maximize the reach of your reels and photos.

Timing plays an important role in getting views and likes from your followers. You should make a schedule to post your content and adhere to it thoroughly to boost the views and followers on your Instagram profile.

Conclusion: Get Free Views and Likes on Instagram

This concludes our guide on how to get free views and likes on Instagram. The process is long and tough, but if you follow all the techniques properly, you can get enough views. Views matter a lot on Instagram because users love to interact with the content and leave their thoughts. You can attract followers with creative content and valuable content over time.

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