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Why Do You See The Instagram User Not Found Message?

There are many reasons why you see the “Instagram User Not Found” error on Instagram. If you are using Instagram, then chances are you’ve come across the “user not found” error while trying to send a message or see a profile.

In this article, we will explain the numerous reasons why you see this error. All you have to do is read the blog till the end.

Reasons Why Do You See Instagram User Not Found Errors?

1. The Account Is Temporarily Disabled 

Instagram is a social media platform commonly used for chatting, sharing memes, and passing time. Through it, any user can watch the audio-video content posted by other users. If they want, they can upload their own content. Instagram provides a great opportunity to be famous. 

This access to endless content,  and always being connected to friends can be overwhelming. If someone you know has taken a break from Instagram by disabling their account, it can cause you to see the error. After that, if you search their account then you may see the Instagram User Not Found message.

2. The Account Has Been Deleted

If any user deleted his/her account on the Instagram platform then too you will see an “Instagram User Not Found” error. You all know Instagram is not secure for users because of recent data breach attacks. Users’ login details have been leaked, so users are scared for their privacy. 

Therefore many users are deleting their Instagram accounts and turning back some substitutes.

3. The User Has Been Banned

If a user breaks the guidelines of Instagram, then Instagram can ban his account. According to the Instagram guidelines, your content must not contain hate speeches, abuses, etc and you must not engage in illegal behavior.

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Instagram also bans those accounts of users who have been reported by others. If you are searching any Instagram account and it presents an Instagram User Not Found message, then this Instagram account may be banned.

4. User Not Found? You May Have Miss-Typed The Username

There are many users who have created their profiles with a lot of weird characters. These types of names can easily be misspelled or forgotten. After writing the wrong user name you may come across the Instagram User Not Found message.

You can resolve this problem easily, after asking the user, if you know them. You can also find user names from other accounts who interact with them, and you can also check their following lists.

5. The User Changed Their Username

If you are searching for a user who just recently changed their username, then you’ll find the Instagram User Not Found message on your screen. 

6. You Have Been Blocked 

There are many users, especially celebrities, who block people when they are spreading abuses, negative comments, and doing any wrong behavior. If you find that you have been blocked by another user to access his content, then you can confirm it by asking your mutual friends. 

If your friends are able to access their profile then you might be blocked. Therefore you must use sound Instagram practices.


There’s no explanation from the platform itself as to why you see Instagram Users Not Found Messages. But the most common reasons include:

  • The account is temporarily disabled by users to take a rest from social media platforms.
  • The account has been deleted by any user when he/she finds alternatives to Instagram.
  • The user has been banned by Instagram when a user broke the guidelines of Instagram.
  • If you wrongly typed the username.
  • If any user changed the user name of his/her account.
  • Any user can block you when your behavior is not sound.
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