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How to Create Irresistible Instagram Videos for Brands?

Are you planning to create compelling videos on Instagram for perfect branding? If yes, here walk through this guide to get detailed information. Today, Instagram is a marketer-friendly platform that offers a great way to create and share highly visualizing content. The highly interactive videos can connect with a broad range of potential audiences and convert them into your customers.

When talking about Instagram video content, Reels is one of the most influential video features that engage many potential audiences. Therefore, create entertaining, informative, creative, and inspiring Reels content. Once you create Reels content to get your audience’s attention, you prefer to get Instagram reel likes and higher engagement. In this guide, let us discuss how to make incredible Instagram video content to make your brand go viral on the platform.

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#1 Focus on Creating High-Quality Content

Instagram is a highly effective medium for creating and sharing well-attractive and performing content. Users on Instagram enjoy watching high-quality content. It means you can create engaging and valuable videos that offer something to prospective customers. In order to create high-quality videos, you can use a professional camera. It’s fine to have your smartphone with the best camera settings. Once you create high-quality videos, leverage SocialDice to boost your content reach.

Here are some tips for creating a high-quality video to get the most viewer’s attention.

  • Video Lighting: While shooting videos, pay great attention to the lighting. Of course, you can only come up with eye-appealing content with great lighting. So, ensure that the light doesn’t stay on the object you are taking the videos or not point at your camera. Instead, ensure that the light is in front of you. That would be fine.
  • Hold Your Camera Steady: Next, to get a perfect shot, fix your camera steady and ready to have a roller coaster experience. Well, it helps your viewers to see multiple scenes. You can use a tripod or stabilizer to avoid taking unstable shots. To get a perfect shot, you must keep your camera steady and create the most amazing professional content.
  • The Rule of Thirds: There is a grid feature on Instagram that helps highlight videos. This feature can focus on the intersection while capturing the image. It is a great way to create perfect videos for your brand. If you want to turn on the grid feature, then on your camera, go to Settings and start to use this feature.
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#2 Select the Perfect Thumbnail

As Instagram has endless mind-blowing content, when users scroll through the videos, they will love scrolling the feeds mindlessly. Once you explore the platform, there is more content that makes everyone stop scrolling on something within a blink of an eye. Once you shoot great videos, selecting the best thumbnail will entice your content.

Remember the perfect visual with eye-appealing color, text, and style will influence your followers to stop and watch the content. In addition, it states that you must create content that hooks the audience in seconds. Therefore, always consider creating and sharing information and engaging and attractive content on the platform. Also, remember to use SocialDice to boost your online presence on the platform.

#3 Consider Creating Short Videos

Do you know the power of short videos? Of course, short videos get immediate attention as soon as possible. The user on this platform will enjoy watching content and spend their time more valuable by learning and entertaining. So, what’s more on Instagram? Instagram knows it very well, and the video length of each feature is limited.

  • Instagram feed posts can be 1 minute at maximum.
  • The maximum time limit for Instagram Stories is 15 seconds.
  • Instagram Reel’s maximum time limit is 30 seconds.

So, take the shots within the time limit and bring more audience to watch your content. 

#4 Write Clear-Cut Captions for Your Videos 

Your video captions are one of the elements that interact with the users. People will turn on the sound whenever they watch the content, and sometimes experiencing sound distractions is more common. At times, there may be a situation to mute your videos to watch without skipping them. Clear captions for your videos might engage users with the content and make them watch videos till the end. You can still bring dynamic effects to your videos by including interactive stickers.

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#5 Create a Video with the Right Dimension

Do you want to hook the audience’s attention in a significant way? If yes, creating and sharing content in the right dimension is one of the perfect things you must consider. However, don’t ever disappoint your audience by sharing the content in the wrong dimensions, which might leave a wrong impression on your brand. 

Here have discussed Instagram video dimensions:

  • The Instagram feed video’s resolution should be 1080×1350, and the length should be a maximum of 10 minutes.
  • Instagram Storie’s resolution should be 1080×1920, and the maximum length should be 15 seconds.
  • The resolutions of Instagram Reels should be 1080×1920, and the maximum video length should be 30 seconds.
  • Stay tuned with the Instagram video dimensions for different features to offer a great watching experience for the right audience.

#6 Add Impactful Sounds

If you desire to create better videos for your brand on Instagram, including dynamic music in your content will build a strong connection with your audience and humanize your brand. On Instagram, you can easily and quickly add music to your videos. You can find trending music on Instagram by looking over the explore page. There are other options, so search it the right way and discover the music relatable to your brand.

#7 Create Unique & Authentic Content

Do you know what puts you apart from the competition on Instagram? It’s by creating unique and authentic Instagram video content that is more appealing to your audience. However, before creating the content, make sure to identify the target audience for your audience to get more Instagram reels likes. It will make you optimize the content that your audience loves the most. Also, get inspired by the latest trends and join to become part of the trending waves.

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Final Verdict

Stay focused on Instagram’s new updates to create highly visualizing compelling videos, which would be a rockstar asset for your brand. Therefore, with great content, you can inspire and engage a broad range of audiences with your content. As a result, it will improve your brand’s conversation and convert many new viewers or audiences to your potential customers.