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6 Authentic Ways to Build Trust for Your Brand on Instagram

‘Trust’ matters more, especially when it comes to online business. Yes, because customers make purchase decisions based on the trustworthiness of a brand. Hence it is essential to put efforts into trust building.

Social presence is necessary to spread the word about your brand and showcase your transparency to your target audiences. Of all other social platforms, Instagram stands out in serving the needs of businesses.

Undeniably, audiences right here are highly engaging, and there are vast opportunities to enhance your brand. Moreover, you can try any proven way to increase visibility and trigger the performance of your content instantly. But, apart from these, there are still many aspects that help to build trust for your brand. So, are you ready to gather the best ways to build trust for your brand? That’s great! Let’s dive in right now!

6 Proven Tips to Build Brand Trust on Instagram

#1 Invest Time to Craft Insta Bio

With the craze of gaining popularity, many Instagram users directly dive into the content creation and distribution process right after creating an account. But, really, it is unfavorable for profile growth.

Imagine that an audience visits your profile and can’t find any details regarding your business but only a collection of content. Do you think he/she will trust your brand? That’s rare! In order to avoid this situation, you should spend time crafting a complete bio.

Bio is the first and foremost factor that holds the power to impress your visitors. So, add a brand logo or high-quality profile picture, and describe what your brand is all about and how it can help clients in a precise manner. Also, add links to your website, landing, or social media to redirect audiences. And don’t forget to embed a CTA that can convert your visitors into followers. Now you can kickstart posting effective content that enhances your brand. In addition, try out any third-party service to gain more followers and build credibility for your profile.

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#2 Respond to Audiences ASAP

On Instagram, a user can communicate with other users in multiple ways. Direct Messages and the comment section of every post are the most happening spot on Instagram. The public will ask a query regarding your product or service in the comments. On the other side, your followers may send DMs to get detailed information. 

As a business owner or marketer, you are responsible for responding to them with suitable answers. Allocate a dedicated time to check out your customers’ queries and reply to them. If you leave messages or comments unseen for many days, they may think that you are inactive or ignoring them. 

So, it is advisable to check often all the Instagram areas where users try to communicate with you. In case you receive negative comments, don’t neglect them. Just be calm and give your reply in a positive way or apologize for the inconvenience. 

#3 Join Hands With Influencers

Another proven strategy to build trust for your brand is availing the support of Instagram influencers. Generally, influencers have their own set of followers who believe all aspects they share. If you reach out to those reputable influencers, you could enrich the trust in your brand and bring in new followers for your profile. 

The notable point is that you need to allocate a budget for availing the support of influencers. Once you partner up with influencers, they will recommend your brand to their followers. As a result, your Instagram account will get upgraded with more followers and customers for your brand.

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#4 Collect Customer Reviews 

Sharing reviews of your loyal customers is a remarkable way to attract new customers based on trust. Online marketers state that a customer checks out past clients’ reviews, feedback, or testimonials. 

Based on the gathered feedback, they opt for the particular brand that possesses good reviews. What do you think now? Yes, you’re right! You should ask for a customer review whenever you sell a product or service. Then, you can post them as an image, video, or carousel to show off your reliability among your audiences.

#5 Post User-Generated Content 

If you keep editing and sharing content that relates to your business, it may not be helpful. So, in addition to posting valuable content, you should include user-generated content. That’s not complex!

Either you can create a hashtag campaign or ask your loyal customers to post content for your brand. Also, you can host contests or giveaways to encourage followers to share your content. Once they start to post on their profile, reach them to seek permission to repost them on your profile. Obviously, more visitors will look into your profile, and followers may increase gradually. 

#6 Strive to Enhance Engagement Level

The engagement rate is directly related to the success of a social media profile. Yes! Social proof makes better sense in building trust. If your post receives more likes, shares, or comments from your target audiences, your visitors will be more likely to follow you. 

In order to garner engagement, your profile should reach a wider audience. And you can make it possible with the support of Trollishly, which helps you to expand your reach, thus achieving a better engagement rate. 

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Also, you can make use of various in-app features that display your content in front of many users and fetch more engagement. Some of the crucial features you can utilize on Instagram Stories, Reels, Live streaming videos, etc to increase Instagram views.

Wrapping Up

Building trust, especially for a brand, is a challenging task, as you need adequate time, effort, and patience. You cannot achieve overnight success on social media. Instead, you should put your efforts and await for the right time to happen.

Now you have a list of proven ways that you can include in the marketing strategies of your business. You are not limited to using only these ways. So spend time to discover the different ways that strengthen your profile and skyrocket your growth in accordance with trust factors. Good luck 🙂

Thanks for reading!