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How to Install Shower Standing Handle Bar with Ease?

Shower handle bars are an amazing solution to a simple problem. Almost every day elderly fall down in the showers. So, it makes sense to have a shower handle bar that elderlies can use to keep themselves safe. 

According to a report by CDC, over 3 million elders fall each year. And about 40% of these accidents happen in their showers. People who are older have more trouble getting in and out of the shower. This happens due to a slippery surface, and bad physical control. 

So, elders can hold onto shower handle bars to support themselves coming out of the shower. 

Want to install this helpful tool for someone in your family or for some neighbor? It’s simple. Here’s how to install shower handle bars in easy steps.

Suction Cups are a Lifesaver

Older people have trouble walking perfectly and they end up falling. Introduce a wet surface into the mix and the risk of falling becomes even higher. Any elder person or someone with a disability may need external help to get in and out of the shower. 

Shower handle bars rely on suction cups. These suction cups provide incredible support to the bars and they’re super easy to install. All you have to do is place the suction cups on a wall in the shower and place the shower handle bar over it. 

As there are no edges, and no sharp surface, almost anyone can install it. If you want to adjust the height of the shower handle bar, it’s easy too. Changing the height of the handle requires you to remove the handle, and place them at the new height. 

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Use Mounting Brackets for Shower Handle Bars

People who have trouble standing up or walking absolutely love shower handle bars. Compared to ordinary shower handles, these can be used to make sure the shower is safe for the elderly. 

Falls are also minimized with the use of shower handle bars. It’s great for your own safety to use these bars. You can also use additional mounting brackets to install these into your shower. 

Use Screws to Install Shower Standing Handle Bars

There are a lot of shower handle bars in the market. Based on the one you choose, the installation process changes. Surfaces that are smooth and don’t get too much water will be perfect for a suction-based handle bar. 

Make sure to keep the handle away from the grout line, and make sure that you have a wide tile at the bottom of your wall. This will prevent it from shifting downwards. 

You can use the screws hidden below the wall studs to install the handles. To avoid a hole in your wall, make sure that you use screws to secure the shower handle bar. 

In case you don’t secure it tightly, it can lead to even worse injuries if it slips out of place when someone is tugging on it to stand up.

Carefully Place Anchors

Ideally, any shower standing handle should be installed near the tub. You need to carefully decide where the grasp bar will go. These handles should be secured to the edge of the tub instead of placing it on a wall. 

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If you’ve decided to mount the shower standing handle on the side of the tub, then you’ll need a cordless drill and a masonry bit. 

Make small holes on the sides where you’ll screw in the bar. Secure an anchor in place carefully, and tighten the screws. Make sure not to over-tighten the screw.

Consider the height of the Shower Standing Handle

As mentioned above, there are a number of shower handles in the market. An average-height person prefers a 36-inch shower handle, while a taller person would prefer a 43-inch handle.

If you want to calculate the handle’s height, calculate from the mounting holes to the center of the handle. 

Final Take – Shower Handle Bars Reduce Health Risks

Standing handles in the shower are equipment that helps prevent tons of injuries and mishaps. Those who have trouble walking, or trouble maintaining balance can use them to take a shower successfully and get out with ease.

By installing these, you can save some grave injuries. There have been instances where a shower fall has led to the loss of life. Installing shower standing bars is super easy and they don’t require too much work. 

There are tons of shower standing handles and they can significantly decrease the health risk that elderly and disabled people face every day. 

There are some safety practices that you should follow while installing shower handles. Make sure there are no slippery surfaces while installing shower handles and make sure you clean all the loose debris after installation.