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5 Top Bug Tracking Software And Tools

If you are a web designer or developer then it is essential to have bug-tracking software or tool to detect bugs. Having bugs, glitches, and errors can seriously hurt your reputation.

If you want to make sure that you grow by building quality software, then you definitely need bug-tracking software. Software bug-tracking tools make sure that your apps or websites are working properly. 

Having a bug in your app means that it won’t function as it’s supposed to. Doing this will only cause some problems for your business. Let’s start off with our list of bug-tracker software. 

Best Bug Tracking Software And Tools With Their Importance

Web designing takes a lot of effort. In thousands of lines of code, it’s easy to make a mistake. Obviously, you can’t go through the lines of code manually to find the error. Even if you do it manually, chances are you’ll miss something.

This is why the need for bug-tracking software is increasing day by day. Below, we have compiled a list that compiled the Top 5 best bug-tracking software.

1. Jira – A Bug Tracker Software

Jira is amazing bug-tracking software and it even offers project management features. It is used and loved by software developers all over the world. Jira can be credited to its ability to quickly track, assign and prioritize bugs. 

And the best part is that Jira’s workflow engine allows you to keep track of all the bugs and their statuses. If any bug issue is processed from your backlog, then it detects it and saves you time.

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Jira Bug Tracker Software Features:

  • Identifying bugs in any kind of website and app. 
  • Build an issue
  • Provides details about the bug such as description, screenshots, and security level.

Jira is good at making custom workflows. Moreover, Jira can prioritize each bug based on its level of urgency, availability, and importance. It can help you boost your team’s productivity.

Jira is free for up to 10 users. But if that’s not enough for you, you can choose its subscription plan:

  • Standard– $7.50 per month per user
  • Premium– $14.50 per month 
  • Enterprise– for pricing information and contact the sales team

2. BugHerd – Best Bug Tracking Software With Collaboration Feature

BugHerd is one of the best bug-tracking tools in the industry. What we love the most about it is that it notifies your team to boost productivity. And it offers something that other tools don’t. It provides you with information on bugs in mobile sites as well.  

Plus, you’ll be instantly notified if you accidentally end up sending a bug-filled website to your client so you can fix the mistake. 

Through this application, your team can communicate with each other and even leave suggestions to remove bugs. Plus, the whole team will be notified when one member adds a bug screenshot or comment. 

You can test and use this software for 14 days and after that, you can buy one of its paid plans. These plans are given below:

  • Standard- $39 per month
  • Premium- $129 per month
  • Deluxe- $229 per month
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3. Backlog Bug Tracker – Best Bug Tracker Software For Beginners

The Backlog bug tracker is an amazing software as it makes bug tracking easier. It is also suitable for beginners who want to choose software development as a career.

This software is generally used by project management companies because it has multiple features for bug tracking. 

Backlog is famous for its project management functionalities. And it also offers bug-tracking functionalities for beginners. Your team can collaborate with comments and notifications to detect and remove glitches or bugs, easily.

Backlog bug tracking software offers code comparison and version tracking which makes bug tracking super easy. It is used by the developer teams to modify codes as needed. You can also integrate Backlog with Jira and iCal sync.

  • Jira – it is useful for importing files.
  • iCal – it helps to meet deadlines.
  • Slank – it is used for collaboration and notification.

If you want to try out the software, then you can add just one project to test it. Subscription plans for Backlog bug-tracking software are given below:

  • Starter plan – $35 per month
  • Premium plan – $100 per month 
  • Deluxe plan– $175 per month

4. Airbrake Bug Tracking Software – With a Powerful Monitoring tool

Airbrake Bug tracking software is used by Netflix, Cisco, and other big names to find bugs and errors. It provides its services in different programming languages including Python and Java.

Airbrake bug tracking software monitors your apps or software’s code to check everything is running smoothly to test your performance. It provides 24×7 monitoring and alert notification details to project managers with error searches and path reports.

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The Apdex user tool monitors user experience and duplicates bug detection. The subscription plans for the Backlog bug tracker are given below:

  • Starting at $19 per month 
  • Deluxe subscription at $799 per month
  • Also provides a 30-day free trial

5. Bugzilla For Bug Tracking – Free Bug Tracking Software

It originated with Mozilla as a bug tracker application, but now it has become the top open-source software. Bugzilla is available with multiple features which are depicted below:

  • It provides a track time feature.
  • It provides customized workflows.
  • It also has features for commenting and attachments.
  • It also provides a user assignment feature.
  • It has amazing custom database fields and advanced search features.
  • It contains a scheduled email reports feature to send emails and work reports.

It is customizable and you can also enhance its capabilities with several extensions. You can add a password aging policy with this open-source bug detector. It is a freely available and easy-to-access application.


The bug tracking software detects small errors from applications and websites etc. 

There are multiple software bug-tracking tools available online you can purchase any of them to enhance your workability. Thereafter you are able to satisfy your customers’ needs as well. All in all, they make coding easier and help you put out an overall better product.