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The BEST Affordable Smartwatches Under USD100

The popularity of smartwatches is increasing day by day over the last couple of years. And through a smartwatch, you can easily make phone calls, text messages, listen to music and track health, etc.

The well-known smartwatch brands are Apple, Samsung Galaxy, and Fitbit. Some of the top-rated smartwatch brands are super expensive. 

If you’re on the hunt for a new affordable smartwatch, you may want to read this guide. We’ve compiled a list of the best budget smartwatches under $100.

The 10 Best Smartwatches Under $100

1. LetsFit ID205L

LetsFit ID205L is a cheap smartwatch and you can pair it with your Android device. You can keep track of all your notifications and keep track of your sleep cycle. 

It also contains a decent 1.3-inch display with four watch faces. It can track 8 workout types, such as walking, treadmill cardio, running, yoga, climbing, cycling, stationary biking, and hiking.

That’s not all, you can sync your watch fitness data with the Apple Health app.

It has an in-built GPS system so you can keep track of your watch. It boasts a great battery life, lasting you up to 19 days on a single charge.

2. NDur Smartwatch

NDur is another affordable smartwatch. It costs around $65 with a premium exterior and has many features. It has a sleek metal frame and a very comfortable strap. The 1.4-inch color touchscreen is fantastic. The best part is you’ll be able to see the content on the screen even on sunny days.

NDur smartwatch allows you to track 7 workout types including running, walking, skipping, cycling, badminton, football, and basketball as well. It has an in-built GPS system that works beautifully.

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The sleep-tracking feature doesn’t work as expected. But the blood oxygen monitor works almost perfectly. The battery is pretty great as you can use the watch for up to 7 days on a single charge. 

It can easily monitor blood pressure as well. Do keep in mind that the watch’s sensors are not medical grade so you shouldn’t take them completely seriously. 

3. Amazfit Bip GTS

Amazfit GTS is a very amazing smartwatch that is far cheaper than other Amazfit models. It has a 1.3-inch TFT touchscreen that is much similar to the Apple Watch Series 6, Galaxy Watch 3, Fitbit’s Inspire, etc.

The Bip GTS contains an in-built GPS system. You can track your workout from your mobile. It has incredible outdoor workout tracking facilities which support 10 workout types, such as running, cycling, walking, treadmill cardio, spin, walking, weight/ freestyle, indoor/outdoor swimming, and elliptical. 

There’s a huge selection of watch faces that you can choose to customize your watch. It offers tons of options to customize some of the metrics displayed such as weather, activity tracking, or heart rate monitoring.

You can use this smartwatch for up to 15 days after a single charge. In standby mode, you can easily use it for up to 40 days on a single charge.

4. Poco Watch

Poco Watch is available for $84 and you pair it with either iOS or Android devices. It has a beautiful 1.6-inch AMOLED screen and an in-built GPS system.

Poco Watch is similar to Mi Watch Lite and Redmi Watch 2. And it contains an optional always-on display same as big brands. The heart rate monitor and the sleep tracker are really great for the amount you’re spending.

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Poco Watch is a really great budget smartwatch equipped with all the premium features you could think of. 

5. Redmi Watch 2 Lite

Redmi Watch 2 lite is a square smartwatch offering a range of powerful features. You can pair it with both Android and iOS devices. Redmi Watch 2 lite is design-wise similar to Xiaomi Mi. It features a 41mm matte plastic case with a 1.5 inch, 320×360 TFT display.

Redmi Watch 2 Lite allows you to track notifications, download watch faces, and control music from the watch itself. Moreover, it contains many fitness tracking features, such as a heart rate monitor, blood oxygen monitor, and GPS as well.

It lasts up to 10 days after a single charge. You can buy this watch at $99 from the market or eCommerce platforms.

6. TicWatch GTH

Tic Watch GTH is a budget smartwatch costing just $79.99. It comes with a plastic case and a 1.55-inch 360×320 LCD display.

It contains 14 exercise profiles, such as walking, outdoor and indoor running, indoor and outdoor cycling, swimming, freestyle exercise, mountain climbing, yoga, basketball, gymnastics, soccer, jump rope, and rowing.

There’s no GPS system, so, you can not track your outdoor workout activities. 

It contains the top health monitoring features but it does not contain heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking functions. The battery lasts 10 days on a single charge.

The Tic Watch GTH Pro is the upgraded version of Tic Watch GTH that provides upgraded health features to track arterial health and monitor factors related to heart diseases.

7. Realme Watch S

Realme Watch S is another budget smartwatch you can choose. It works flawlessly with Android or iOS devices. It has a 1.3-inch, 360 x 360 touch touchscreen AMOLED display. Realme Watch S lacks a GPS system, but most users will be fine without it anyway. 

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It runs for up to 15 days after a single charge.

It has an IP68 water resistance rating, but you should not wear it at the time of swimming or showering. 

Realme Watch S contains 16 sports modes for running, cycling, table tennis, basketball cycling, and indoor rowing as well.

There’s an in-built heart rate sensor that helps to track and monitor heart rates during workouts. And it has a SpO2 sensor to measure blood oxygen levels.


Smartwatches don’t have to force you to break your budget. Budget smartwatches offer the same level of functionality as expensive ones. If you’re not a sucker for Apple Watches, then our list of affordable smartwatches will be helpful for you.