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Samsung SAM – Samsung’s Virtual Assistant to Beat Siri

Samsung has made the Samsung SAM official, and she’s not your ordinary virtual assistant. If we compare Samsung SAM with Google Assistant, she’s a clear winner when it comes to design and flair. 

Samsung SAM went viral as soon as Samsung unveiled her. As she’s developed by Samsung, she’ll only be available on Samsung smartphones. 

Samsung SAM is a cheerful-looking, wide-eyed woman that listens to music on her Samsung Smartphone. She also plays games, texts, clicks selfies, and more on the device. This was Samsung’s way of showcasing their new assistant named Samsung SAM. Needless to say, all age groups fell in love with Samsung SAM. 

A marketing company that’s owned by Samsung collaborated with a Brazilian design firm to make 3D renders. When Samsung SAM was introduced, most users thought that it would replace Bixby on all Samsung devices. 

But, that wasn’t the case. Samsung announced that she was meant to show what a virtual assistant would look like in the form of a person. But after a year she was unveiled, and Samsung has made her real.

Samsung’s Latin American branch has made its own version of Sam, which acts like its new digital expert. 

What Samsung Says About Samsung SAM

Unfortunately, there’s not much information available about Samsung SAM. Samsung did mention in a tweet that SAM is a digital expert and isn’t a replacement for Bixby. Instead, she will provide information about all the company’s devices. It will also inform users about functions, and services on Samsung’s digital channels, social networks, and online stores. 

According to Samsung, SAM will play an important role in all their digital campaigns. This is especially true while targeting Gen Z. Sam will appear in the SmartThings app and will offer you information about the new Freestyle smart projector and 5G connectivity on S22.

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Currently, SAM is exclusive to Latin American consumers, but it will keep on growing in a couple of months. As of now, it doesn’t look like SAM will be replacing Bixby. 

Currently, she’s just a digital expert or virtual assistant on Samsung’s devices. Her current responsibilities include her responding to customer queries, and explaining the features of new products.

But, the way things are going, it may be possible she may replace Bixby altogether and become Samsung’s very own version of Siri.