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Best PlayStation Emulators for Desktop PCs

We all know the PSX and we all love the PSX. It brought on a revolution and with it a huge collection of gaming classics. While you may not be able to get these games for your latest PlayStation, it is possible to enjoy these games. To help you enjoy classic PlayStation games, we’ve created this guide to the best PlayStation emulators for Desktop PCs.

The emulators we’ve chosen are some of the best ones for PlayStation 1, 2, and the beloved handheld PSP. Without wasting any more time, let’s start with our list of best PlayStation Emulators for Desktop PCs.

Top PlayStation Emulators for PC

1. Mednafen: All in One Emulator

There’s no beating Mednafen when it comes to all-in-one emulators. Mednafen is one of the best emulators for PlayStation, NES, PSX, Sega Genesis, and Game Boy Advance. Although it’s a pretty great PlayStation Emulator, it does have its fair share of problems. For PSX emulation, you’ll need to get your own BIOS files. Also, it would be a good idea to invest in GUI such as MedGUI for seamless use. 

If you can manage to set up the emulator perfectly, it is one of the best PlayStation emulators that you’ll come across. Plus, there are endless features that you’ll come to love. 

2. RetroArch: Multi-Purpose Emulator

RetroArch is another great emulator for PlayStation and it’s an open-source platform available for Windows. Linux, and even Android. The emulator already comes with its own GUI and allows users to download a series of emulation cores for several consoles and handheld gaming devices. 

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Plus, you get great features such as NetPlay support, support for custom shaders, resolution options, refresh rates and save states. RetroArch still needs PlayStation BIOS files to load the games so that might be a problem for some users. Regardless, it’s still one of the best emulators for PlayStation. 

3. ESPXE: PS1 Emulator

ESPXE is a traditional PlayStation emulator and it features a plugin system allowing you to choose the GPU, Sound, and CD-ROM emulation for your device. You can play almost every game after you play with the settings a little bit. 

ESPXE also requires a PlayStation BIOS to function, so before you download this PlayStation Emulator for Desktop, you may want to keep that in mind. It’s compatible with an endless library of games and provides you with lots of plugins to tweak. If you don’t want a hard time during setup, then this is an emulator that you’d want to stay away from.

4. BizHawk: PS1 Tool-Assisted SpeedRunning

Love speed running through games, the BizHawk emulator for PlayStation is probably the best choice for your PC. BizHawk allows you to exploit the speedrun environment, with frame-by-frame advancement, save states, luck manipulation, and input recording to use the fastest playthroughs of the game. 

5. PSCX Reloaded: No BIOS PSX Emulator

Getting a PlayStation BSX can be tough, especially if you can’t rip the BIOS files from your old PlayStation console. This is where the PSCX reloaded emulator comes in. This is without a doubt one of the best PlayStation emulators you’ll find as it negates the need for a BIOS dump through software.

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PSCX reloaded uses high-end emulation to avoid the need for a PS BIOS file (though you can use a BIOS file for more accurate emulation). Another reason to use PSCX Reloaded is that they have strong plugin support for multiple software enhancements.

6. XEBRA: Highly Accurate PlayStation Emulator

XEBRA is a PSX emulator developed by a Japanese developer, “Dr. Hell” and it aims to provide the most accurate, high-fidelity emulation of the classic PlayStation. You don’t need a BIOS file to run this emulator, but if you want you can add a BIOS file. 

While the UI is clunky and hard to use, it provides the best compatibility out of all the PlayStation emulators for Desktops. You may have a hard time setting it up, but in the end, you’ll end up having fun with this PlayStation Emulator.

7. PCSX2: PS2 Emulator

PlayStation took the market by storm and it had some incredible games. If you want to re-experience the classics, then PCSX2 is one of the best PlayStation emulators for desktop PCs. Users can choose either the straight-up emulation of the classic system or use a plugin system to enhance the performance. The emulator provides you with the capability of building multiple combinations of plugins to get the best possible performance or to enhance the graphics, including 4K res, anti-aliasing, and texture filtering. 

PCX2 has an active community and a huge library of compatible games. 

8. RPCS3: PlayStation 3 Emulator

If you’re on the hunt for one of the best PlayStation 3 Emulator, then look no further than RPCS3. Once it was almost impossible to emulate PlayStation 3, but the team behind RPCS3 has done it has been doing it since 2012. They’ve built one of the top-performing Emulators for PlayStation 3. 

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RPCS3 takes pride in its complete compatibility with over 440 games that are playable from beginning to end, which is not common in other emulators. The players can download games directly from PlayStation’s website for emulation, so there’s no hassle. 

9. PPSSPP: PlayStation Portable Emulator

PPSSPP stands for “PlayStation Portable Simulator Suitable for Playing Portably” and you have to give them credit for the name. It creates a portable environment for playing PSP games portably. It supports multiple operating systems for playing games such as Windows, Android, and Linux. 

PPSSPP offers additional features for graphics upscaling and resolution, anisotropic filtering, and save state support, and a feature for transferring games from your PSP, which means you can finally finish your old and abandoned games. 

10. PDroms.de

This isn’t an emulator for PlayStation, but a support system for these emulators. You can use these emulators to play games that were meant to be played on much older machines. You can download all these old game programs for free from the PDroms.de site and they’re legal to share and distribute among your classic game lovers group. So, if you’re looking for a place to download games for your emulators, this is where you should go.