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An Ultimate Guide That Helps You Draw Best Results Through App Store Optimization!

Many people are aware of what app store optimization is, but not everyone knows how to take out the best results using this technology. It has strategies of its own, and you should have sufficient knowledge about them if you wish to use them in your app marketing course.

As of 2021, there are 3.48 million apps on google play for android users and 2.22 million apps on the Apple app store for iOS users. Among these many apps available on the platform, the primary concern of marketing teams is not about engagement or investment but about how they can make people discover their application in the first place.

So, starting from fundamental things about app store optimization to an expert guideline on how to use it, this article will spill some essential information about app store optimization that you should know.

What are App Store Optimization and App Store Optimization Services?

If you understand SEO, it will not take you much effort to understand app store optimization too. It is simply the process of optimizing an application such that in the app stores, its visibility increases. It works to maximize their appearance in search and exploration. App store optimization is also known as ‘app store SEO’ or ‘mobile app SEO’ because it works the same way as Search engine optimization. For an app-building company, app store optimization is essential, and they may even require another company to help them with app store optimization services. Yes, you heard it right! Companies are offering various app store optimization services, or an app development company owns its team to take care of the ASO of their app.

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This altogether makes clear how crucial ASO is to mobile app marketing. And hence one must have the proper knowledge and strategy to use it in mind. Read ahead to know some best methods to achieve results through ASO.

Five Essential Strategies to Use to Get the Best ASO results

1. Never underestimate keywords

You may have been tired of hearing about being careful with the use of keywords. But note it again! It would help if you focused on the keywords. Not just in the search engine, keywords are equally important in the world of mobile app marketing too. You can keep the following things in mind to choose the right keyword or set of keywords.

  • Never use a keyword that is unrelated to your app type.
  • Use the keyword either in the singular form or the plural form. Just keep it in one form only. Don’t mix both.
  • Always prevent using any other company’s name in your keyword.

2. Focus on your title and description

Write a short title so that the whole of it can appear on the app browse screen. And it should also be catchy and memorable at the same time. Including your company’s name and the top keyword in the title can make your app easier to find for users. Also, while writing the description, include relevant keywords and keep it simple and informative without fluffing it unnecessarily. This will boost your mobile app promotion to a great extent.

3. Add appealing icons, screenshots, and pictures

Our brains catch visual images faster than any other form of communication. Thus, work well on the heroes and photos that you will put in front. Use colorful pictures that look professional and aesthetic to catch the eyes quickly of the users. Most viewers will look at the screenshots to get an idea of your app; thus, use as many screenshots as you can, that too in good quality and color grading.

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4. Keep an eye on the competition

Consider the number of competitors, the number of constantly updated apps, and the popularity of the category you will choose for your app. Once it is introduced in the marketplace, consistently monitor your category’s top-performing apps. Keep an eye on their actions and the derived result. You can even take the help of a competitor analysis tool to get accurate results, or if you have hired any app marketing companies, they will do it for you.

5. Add a video

Some stats claim that adding a video to your app page can help you increase the downloads by 35%. Since most people want to get the most details in the least time, they prefer watching videos, which are effortless, easy, and enjoyable to manage at the same time. So please make a video that showcases your app’s features and qualities and upload it on your app page.

Conclusion about App Store Optimization

ASO is not going to show you results overnight. But if you work strategically and spend time on it consistently, you will get satisfying results. If you want a professional to hand over the ASO of your app, take help from a marketing team or app promotion companies. You can even use paid advertising for your app, but why invest in something that can work without any investment but little strategies and brainy games? ASO is a new way out!