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10 Trending SEO Techniques to Increase Organic Traffic in 2023

Online marketing is getting competitive, and to remain relevant you have to keep up with the best practices. Staying ahead of the curve is essential. Be it a startup, a small-sized firm, or an enterprise, having proper SEO techniques to increase organic traffic. Did you know that over 95% of all smartphone searches happen on Google? Noticeably, around 70 to 80% of users ignore sponsored ads while they search for something online. With frequent Google algorithm updates, it’s crucial that you keep up with trending SEO optimization techniques. In this article, we have mentioned some of the best trending SEO techniques to boost organic traffic. 

Understanding Search Engine Optimization

Before we start with our guide, keep in mind that SEO is important for every type of business. But, most businesses have no idea how SEO works. Simply put, optimizing a piece of content that helps search engines to rank your content higher on a specific keyword. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing crawl these websites to check the content and then rank it.

To find the best possible strategy for boosting your organic traffic, businesses need to be aware of how it works. Google has more than 500 measures to evaluate the content and rank it. 

Importance of Organic Traffic for Your Brand

As the digital landscape gets more and more competitive every single day. Ranking higher on search engines is crucial for brands to boost revenue. Ad campaigns, promotions, and adverts are paid tasks, and this is where organic traffic makes a lot of difference. The perfect example would be a user searches for a specific query and your website is shown for that particular product or service. 

Effective SEO Techniques in 2023

Reports suggest that 75% of users don’t go beyond the first page of search engine result pages. This means, if you’re not on the first page of results, you’re not getting any traffic. With this much competition, you need to make sure that you follow the right SEO techniques in 2023. Once you’ve covered the basic SEO practices, implementing advanced SEO techniques is needed to boost organic traffic.

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So, let’s go over SEO strategies you need to implement in 2023, to be able to rank on top.

1. Voice Search Optimization

In the US itself, almost 40% of internet users use voice commands to search in 2022. With the growth of smart virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri, Bixby, Google Home, etc, voice searches are growing. This is why you need to optimize your website for voice search. 

Having long-tail and location-focused keywords alongside having a conversational tone on the website is a great way to optimize for voice search. 

2. E-A-T Theory

Your website’s reputation is a crucial aspect for Google to rank pages and content. This is explained by the EAT (Expertise – Authoritativeness – Trustworthiness) theory explains the logic. The authenticity & credibility of your website is judged by reviews, ratings, feedback, and more.

One of the best ways to improve a website’s reputation is to highlight your accreditations, awards, and customer feedback.

3. Check Meta Titles to Optimize CTR

More than often, users take notice of the meta titles and descriptions mentioned on your website. Therefore, adding keywords in your meta title helps you rank higher in SERPs.

The ideal Meta titles are 60 characters long, and meta descriptions can be anything between 120-160 characters. The keyword-rich title helps Google to understand the content of the webpage.

4. Quality Content

Long-form content (over 3K words) gets more traffic and can rank higher compared to short-form content. But that doesn’t mean that you just stuff words into your content. Creating buyer personas has become a vital part of SEO in the last couple of years, and will continue to be so.

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When you present the content the right way, you can engage your audience. Also, when you mention stats in the content, you should add the source of the data for the content to be more authentic. 

5. Focus on Video Content

If you’re still questioning how to use SEO to boost traffic on your website, you need to utilize videos to promote your business. Make a couple of relevant keywords and hashtags that help the content reach the right audience.

Giving your users a friendly introduction and providing informative content in the video can help you gain organic traffic.

6. Website Security

On average, 30,000 websites are hacked every single day. The ideal way to protect your website, content, and the users who visit your website is by adding HTTPS protocol to your website.

Moreover, having an encrypted website is a good SEO practice, and Google appreciates it. It also gives you a minor edge when it comes to SEO. Plus, you wouldn’t want to lose all the precious data you’ve worked so hard to build.

7. Local SEO is Crucial

If you want to make your business famous locally, consider adding keywords while writing the meta descriptions. Doing so can help Google algorithms in boosting your page in local search results. This happens only when the location is clearly mentioned.

Adding your name, contact, and address on the website and using GMB adds authenticity to your local business. But this method only works when you’re selling your products and services in a local area. If you can master local SEO, then it can generate a lot of leads.

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8. Enhance Technical SEO

Just improving content isn’t enough, emphasizing the technical aspects of SEO is a growing SEO trend in 2023 and will remain forever. Right from optimal content per page to crawl rate and page speed ratio, everything is crucial for your website. Keep every single part of technical SEO in your mind while optimizing your website.

9. Featured Snippets

Google has various elements to highlight organic content and snippets are a part of them. It displays one snippet per page so the content inside your page has to be crisp, effective, and to the point. Schema markup is a useful way to enhance the SEO of your website. 

10. Mobile Responsive Website

More and more traffic comes from mobile users every single day. So, it makes sense that you make your website as mobile-responsive as possible. Businesses need to consider developing a mobile-focused version of the website and then aligning it with other platforms.

Conclusion: Trending SEO Techniques 2022

In 2022, personalized experiences will be at the core of every single SEO technique including off-page SEO Techniques. So your first and foremost focus should be on developing quality content for your website. While managing a business, you need to keep up with all the latest SEO trends.