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Valo Health Gets Raises $110 Million in Funding From Kotch Disruptive Technologies

Valo Health is a digital healthcare company that offers data-driven solutions for offering diabetes management. The latest funding round will allow the company to further its goals. It includes better innovations in AI and remote monitoring of patients. Their solutions are incredibly helpful for type 2 diabetes patients.

Valo health works by using a range of programs designed to manage diabetes and reduce long-term complications. According to a statement by Valo Health, this new investment will help them expand into more markets and help more patients all over the world. 

They’ve been doing some great work by combining data science and AI. They have been monitoring patients remotely on a regular basis. Moreover, they update the patients before some dangerous situations happen. 

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What is Valo Health?

Valo Health is a digital healthcare company that’s changing how patients manage their type 2 diabetes. Diabetes is a rapidly growing chronic disease in North America.

Valo health has 3 primary areas they wish to target. They aim to improve outcomes and reduce healthcare costs for diabetes. They achieve this by:

  • Digital Engagement
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Continuous Coaching

What Does Valo Health Do?

As mentioned above, Valo Health covers 3 primary sections to improve the lifestyle of type 2 diabetes patients. 

  1. Digital Engagement

Type 2 diabetes patients need to build a foundation for changing their behaviors. Valo health uses digital engagement tools (an app, AI Chatbots, and a web portal) to keep the patients motivated enough to follow their lifestyle changes. 

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The chatbot runs on an AI and can be accessed using the website or a mobile app. The chatbot constantly learns from its conversation with patients to become as helpful as possible.

  1. Remote Monitoring

One of the biggest challenges in managing diabetes is to start the treatment after diagnosis. Valo health can be accessed from the website or from the mobile app. Patients can monitor themselves with a single tap of a button.

  1. Continuous Coaching

Once a particular patient is monitored by the AI for some time, the AI system will understand their basic health patterns. Everyone has different health patterns. Then the AI will start suggesting simple actions that patients can include in their everyday life. These steps will help with better measuring diabetes. 

Importance of Remote Monitoring?

To read how Valo is improving lives, you can search for “bostonbased valo health 300m seriesmccoy Wichita”.

Coming onto the question of why remote monitoring is important, physicians have stressed that patients need to keep track of their blood sugar levels to manage their condition. 

Some patients end up skipping their tests due to a lack of time. So, remote monitoring allows the patients to test their conditions without having to wait for a test.

It also reduces the risk of infection as a patient doesn’t have to get their fingers pricked again and again. 

Conclusion – Valo Health

Valo health is combining AI and remote monitoring to help patients suffering from type 2 diabetes manage their diseases. This is particularly important for those who are at high risk of complications. The new bostonbased valo 300m seriesmccoy investment will help the company improve the lives of millions. 

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