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Modern Promotion Technologies

DOOH is an acronym. It should be understood as digital outdoor advertising. You probably saw the screens in the subway, and electronic billboards on the streets – all this is DOOH. This format is set up and controlled in the same way as the promotion on the Internet. The main difference between outdoor advertising from other types of promotion is that advertising surfaces are located in public places and are aimed at a wide target audience.

The customer can control his and depending DOOH on location, gender, age, and even time of day. Such outdoor posters fall into two categories:

  • posted on the street;
  • placed in transport, shopping malls, or other public places.

Today, everyone faces these kinds of ads on a daily basis without thinking about the process of creating them.

The work of outdoor electronic promotion

Many resources offer a programmatic platform where you can create and run your own promotion of your products or services. The principle of action is similar to the demand side platforms for online promotion.

You also determine the potential client to whom the ad will be directed, the time of display, and the location. The system works further, and based on the input received, it predicts the best time for displaying the ad among the selected category of customers.

Data is collected by monitoring via a wireless Internet connection, with cameras embedded in the billboard’s screen.

Requirements for the placement of outdoor advertising are the following

  • safety of billboards and lightboxes for all road users; 
  • preservation of silence, peace, and comfort of the life of all residents of neighboring buildings;
  • compliance with the norms and rules of placement in the case of specific urban structures.
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All these requirements are mandatory for all advertisers, whether it is large companies or small firms.

Tasks of outdoor promotion

Modern problems require modern solutions. And the outdoor promotion campaigns cope with it. The main purpose of any advertising, including outdoor advertising, is to inform passersby about products, services, and companies, to form a positive opinion, and further encouragement for purchase.

There are the following main objectives of outdoor advertising:

  1. Scale: With the help of this format, you can attract a large number of customers, take them away from competitors, and increase brand awareness.
  2. Constant access: You can adjust your ad in real time to any changes in the environment, try new ideas and immediately track their effectiveness.
  3. Presenting and designing the product (service) in the best possible light. Creating a good image of the company, as well as building a positive reputation in the eyes of future customers. This task is especially important when introducing a new product or brand to the market.
  4. Increase in sales and turnover of the enterprise.

Realizing all these tasks, outdoor advertising performs several basic functions:

  • raises the level of sales and turnover of the brand;
  • forms an opinion about a product/service;
  • creates an image and fashion for the product. 

Outdoor advertising has long enjoyed great popularity due to the fact that it helps to inform about the benefits of your organization compared with your competitors.

What should not be placed on outdoor advertising

It is prohibited to place anything on external surfaces that relate to:

  • goods that are prohibited for production and sale in our country;
  • drugs, and psychotropic substances;
  • explosive substances and materials, except for pyrotechnic products;
  • human organs for sale and purchase;
  • goods that are manufactured and sold in the absence of the necessary licenses and permits;
  • alcoholic and tobacco products;
  • military goods and weapons;
  • gambling, betting, risks. 
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In addition, texts and images calling for violence and cruelty or justifying them, as well as unfair and inaccurate advertising cannot be placed.

Types of electronic advertising

Large computer screens or billboards – this is probably the most common format. They are often placed along roads. There are smaller screens in public places or on the subway, which are oriented toward pedestrians and located mostly at eye level. Modern technology can even analyze human behavior near such a screen. Evaluating his facial expression, the ads adjust to the mood of the person. Fantastic, isn’t it? Marketing experts will go to any lengths to get the customer’s attention and sell their product.

To be memorable for a long time, it is necessary for the customer to come into contact with the product. Therefore, interactive promotion formats are created. Designs with interactive screens on which people can play have good results.

3D content can be considered the peak of technological progress today. This is really going out of the boundaries. When the borders between the real world and 3D projection are erased, mesmerizing spectacle, creating the effect of presence does not leave anyone indifferent. The light boxes are often installed along the roadway, near enterprises, and stores.

Of course, you have to understand that the equipment for such promotion is expensive and such services cannot cost cheap, so it is not reasonable to use such methods in small provincial towns. Stands will be relevant here: small advertising space with the placement of contact information and company details.

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Costs of promotion and income from sales should be proportionate and logical. Without the right approach, you can hardly create a successful business that brings income and pleasure. Outdoor advertising is considered one of the most effective types of advertising, which makes it possible to inform a large number of potential customers about your product at a minimal cost.