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3D Hologram Technology and the Future of Technology – Use Cases & Benefits

3D holograms that can interact with you sound like something that came out of science fiction. 3D holography technology has come a long way, and it may become a mainstream tech with the developments going on. What’s best about 3D hologram technology is that it combines a number of technologies and builds images out of light.

3D holography hasn’t really grown up in this time and age, but in the upcoming years more sophisticated 3D holographic technology will storm the market. There are already some incredible 3D holographic technologies in the market such as a 3D Holo table, 3D holographic rooms, 3D virtual walkthrough solutions, and more.

In this article, we will discuss 3D hologram technologies and the future of these technologies 

3D Holographic Video Machine

In 2014, two artists from Scotland gave birth to new technology. The machine has been deemed as one of its kind and it can generate high-quality super-realistic 3D videos. The machine was unveiled at the Edinburgh Art Festival, and it specializes in creating 3D holographic effects. 

The artist duo made their first video that highlighted the space journey of NASA Voyager 1. It’s obvious that the Voyager 1 in the video wasn’t real, it was a 3D hologram of the Voyager 1. In the video, there was a conversation between a holographic baby and a 5-yo child. The child is the real son of Helson and Jackets, the Scottish Artist duo. The holographic baby is the same child. 

The artists stated that they were inspired by an art piece named “Help me Obi” from the Star Wars franchise. The artist duo worked on the project together for 7 years before finally making the technology come to life. The technology can project videos of up to 12 inches. Some industry experts claim that this technology gave a much-needed boost to holographic rendering technology. 

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3D Holographic Technologies

Some trending technologies have been turning heads when it comes to the 3D holograph niche. One of them is the electro-holographic display. The technology uses electro-holography to record 3D objects, then reconstruct and project them in a light form. This display is unique from other 3D holographic displays in the industry. For example, when the technology rebuilds 3D images, it captures the parallax. 

There’s another 3D holographic technology that has become incredibly famous. The 3D Holographic room. Once the user is inside the room, they can choose the 3D content of their liking. If they wish to visit the pyramids of Giza or go to the Eiffel Tower, all they have to do is press a button. The technology allows users to interact with holograms and explore places with their hands. This is one of the best 3D holographic technologies that can be used for entertainment, virtual tours, training, education, real estate, and more. 

There’s another 3D hologram technology named touchable hologram. It runs on software that relies on ultrasonic waves. The user who’s interacting with the hologram will feel pressure on his hand. 

Holographic TV is soon going to be one of the biggest surprises. Researchers at MIT are expecting that holographic TVs could be 10 years down the line. If it turned into a valid technology, then today’s 2D TVs would vanish from the market. 

There’s another technology that can give the 3D hologram industry the boost it needs. The technology is still in its nascent stage currently, but it has plenty of room to prosper in the future. Technologies such as plasma laser work in a uniquely fascinating way as it takes opaqueness into consideration. Using this technology, light could be viewed without having it bounce off a surface. 

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3D Hologram Technology – Entertainment and Usability

When figuring out new technology this is really helpful. One also needs to find the fine-line difference between theatrics and usefulness. Not all technologies or solutions have great use, some are only showpiece stuff while other 3D tools and solutions are renowned for their apps. 

3D holographic DJ performances can easily entertain audiences. It’s already happening in several parts of the world. Similar to entertainment, serious business operations may make use of 3D holograms. For example, a company executive can have brainstorming sessions simply by staying at his home and a holographic image will be seen at the office. 

Even while you’re reading this article, new and innovative 3D developments are taking place all across the world. The best thing about the upcoming 3D holographic technologies is that they combine theatrics and usability. There are a lot of benefits offered by 3D holographic tools. They can be used to render high-quality digital art or may even have more practical solutions. 3D holography offers endless solutions and it can revolutionize a lot of industries. 

In the end, 3D holograms are an untapped market that can yield a lot of results for businesses of all kinds.