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Leathern DecemberPaulReuters: News About Rob Leathern Leaving Facebook

Rob Leathern DecemberPaulReuters became a part of the Facebook team in 2012. He became a huge part of the team as he became Vice President and Product Director. In this position, he spearheaded Facebook’s political advertisement policy. This policy limited the use of political ads and also fought fake news.

All About Facebook’s Political Ad Policy

Facebook’s political Ad policy has been the talk of the town for a long time. It has sparked endless debates online. Liberals want to see Facebook do more to handle political content, while conservatives claim that the platform has been muzzling the voices of people.

Facebook’s Political Ad policy, has also raised questions about the role of technology companies in political policing. In his last job, Rob Leathern on Facebook, he focused on working with business integrity. Being a key part of this topic, he also became a spokesperson on the issue. 

It’s been a long since Facebook’s political ad policies have been under scrutiny. Some have also criticized for letting fake and misinformation build on the platform.

Rob Leathern’s Resignation from Facebook

Facebook has now become a key executive who had been in charge of the ad integrity of the platform. He announced his departure from the company on Dec 30th.  He used the company’s internal network to thank everyone for supporting him, also saying he was moving to focus more on consumer policy. 

The news comes as Facebook was already in midst of controversy regarding political ad policy. 

Rob Leathern’s New Role at Google

Just a couple of months ago, Google announced its Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) initiative to improve mobile news and web experiences. This initiative has caused some controversy in the online media industry. Google claims that they’ve done this to build consensus and a clear roadmap for the program’s implementation. 

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Meanwhile, Rob Leathern has taken over as the VP at Google. Rob has worked as an ad-tech veteran who recently founded a new subscription service. The service allows publishers to charge a fee for content and opt out of advertising. 

Political Advertising Policies Controversy

Rob Leathern DecemberPaulReuters handled the team at Facebook, and he handled all the things regarding ad policies. He has been criticized for spreading fake information and misinformation regarding political ads. In November, he tweeted that Facebook didn’t have any technical capability to allow political by state.

Leaving of Facebook’s Rob Leathern

Rob Leathern left his post as Chief of Advertising Integrity at Facebook on December 31, 2018. His time with Facebook came at the same time as the presidential election and the rise of Donald Trump.  All of this quickly made him a public figure. His departure was announced on the company’s internal network. He also said that he would make an announcement regarding the way his career would be taking. 

Final Word: Leathern December PaulReuters

While working at Facebook, Rob Leathern was working strongly to spread the word about Ad transparency. After working as a director of product management, he was promoted to lead the business. While he worked at Facebook, he also worked on policies for political advertising.