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Best 360-Degree Feedback Software

360-degree feedback software is also known as 360-degree performance review software that enables employees to get feedback from their superiors, team members, and external colleagues.

360-degree software also enables employees to rate the performance of their managers, supervisors, and team members as well. 

To get an idea of how teams like each other and work with each other, businesses should use 360-degree feedback software. In this guide, we’ve mentioned the top 10 best 360-degree feedback software. 

Essential Features of 360-Degree Feedback Software

  • User Interface (UI): While choosing 360-degree feedback software, you should go for the one that has an easy-to-use UI. All kinds of users should be able to use the tool with ease.
  • Usability: A number of 360-degree software offer pre-loaded templates, customize content, variety of rating scales as well. Find a tool that comes with useful features.
  • Integrations: Businesses should look for software that can connect with third-party software to enhance functionality.
  • Value for Money: You don’t have to empty your pockets for a tool. You can find a tool that meets your budget and still offer you the right amount of features.

Key Features of a 360-Degree Feedback Program

  1. Multi-Rater Feedback Aggregation: An amazing 360-degree feedback system enables employees to get feedback from multiple directions including their superiors or peers.
  2. Upward Reviews: Through a 360-degree feedback system, employees can easily rate the performance of their managers or superiors as well. After finding employees’ feedback, managers can improve their work performance and skills as well.
  3. Development Plans And Actionable Feedback: 360-degree feedback process helps employees to identify their skill gaps. The feedback is helpful in learning how to enhance their skills. So, employees need to know their weaknesses as well as their strengths.
  4. Visualization Tools: The best 360-degree feedback software should include visualization tools including graphs, bar charts, and tables as well. You can use these visualization tools while preparing employees’ performance reports. Graphs, charts, and tables make reports attractive as well as easy to understand.
  5. Templates: A good 360-degree software contains lots of customizable templates including survey templates.
  6. Scheduling Customizations: A 360-degree feedback system needs to have features related to an open feedback cycle as well as real-time feedback. Real-time feedback improves the work efficiency of employees.
  7. Automation: A fully automated 360-degree feedback system enables employees to find timely feedback from their superiors. Automation in the feedback process can save time for managers as well as employees.
  8. Team Review Functionality: Through the dashboard of a 360-degree feedback system, directors and department heads can monitor the performance of employees as well as managers. In addition, they also check the feedback of employees as well as managers.

Benefits of 360-Degree Feedback

Apart from feedback, a 360-degree feedback system offers several other benefits. 

  • A 360-degree feedback system enables employees to get feedback on their performance from their superiors, team members, and external colleagues.
  • The 360-degree feedback process helps employees to identify their skill gaps. After assessing these types of gaps, an organization can run training programs.
  • A 360-degree feedback system helps to improve productivity and work relationships as well.
  • Through the dashboards of a 360-degree feedback system, HR or managers can easily access the performance history of employees. 
  • It also helps to increase transparency within the organization.
  • Through its upward feedback features, employees can rate the performance of managers as well as give them suggestions.
  • From time to time performance feedback helps employees to bring improvement in their skills as well as knowledge.
  • It is a time-saving feedback program.
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Disadvantages of 360-Degree Feedback

  • Many managers are using 360-degree feedback systems to highlight negative aspects of an employee’s performance. They neglect the positive aspects of employees’ performance, thus employees feel discouraged.
  • Some 360-degree software does not have anonymous feedback features, thus people do not share honest feedback, especially upward feedback.
  • Sometimes, 360-degree feedback software provides unreliable data, thus it is hard to find conclusions from this feedback.
  • It is a time-consuming process.

10 Top 360-degree Feedback Software Systems

Here’s our pick for the best 360-degree feedback software:

1. 15Five

15Five Perform is an amazing performance assessment system that contains multiple feedback types, such as peer, upward, and 360 reviews as well. This tool enables managers to provide feedback to employees according to their work performance.

Through 15Five, department heads, as well as directors, can assess the performance of their subordinates from a birds-eye view. It contains multiple features such as Private Manager Assessment, Collaborations as well as Talent Matrix (9-box).

Through its upward review feature, employees can rate the performance of managers and give them suggestions as well. 15Five’s multi-rater feedback feature enables employees to get feedback from their peers and managers.

According to your needs, you can easily integrate 15Five with Slack, BambooHR, Workday, Sapling, etc to improve its efficiency. In addition, it also contains a customizable API as well.

You can run 15Five with Microsoft Teams, Google Calendar, Salesforce as well as Jira Cloud. It offers a free mobile app for Android as well as iOS devices with an easy-to-access platform interface.

It provides a fantastic 360-degree feedback module and charges only $8 per user/ month. Additionally, it also provides a 14-day free trial to its users.

2. PerformYard

PerformYard is a 360-degree feedback program that helps your HR team to build out a 360-degree feedback strategy. It enables employees to get quality feedback from their superiors as well as team members. 

According to the needs of your organization, you can also customize PerformYard’s features. Here you can easily customize nominators, workflows, anonymity, timing, and participants as well.

PerformYard provides a simple employee experience because it has multiple features related to amazing feedback facilities as well as quality conversations.

To get additional functionality you can easily integrate PerformYard with major HRIS/Payroll systems including ADP, BambooHR, and Gusto as well. It charges $5/user/month.

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3. Inspire 

Inspire is a fantastic 360-degree feedback system that helps to improve engagement as well as the performance of employees.

It offers robust 360-degree feedback tools, as well as real-time 1 to 1 conversation features. In addition, it also contains multiple features related to collaboration, feedback, and recognition as well.

For performance assessment of employees, Inspire software contains formal performance capabilities with flexible templates, headers, and grading as well. It also offers multiple how-to videos with its complementary software orientation.

According to your need, you can easily integrate Inspire software with Workday, ADP, and other productivity tools including Slack, Microsoft, as well as Google. Inspire charges $5-11/user/month from their users.

4. ClearCompany

ClearCompany is a user-friendly talent management software that contains automated workflows to collect and analyze 360 feedback. Through ClearCompany you can develop employee staff awareness, improve collaboration as well as build high-performing teams.

It offers multiple features such as custom scoring tables, weighted sections, free-form response fields as well as role-based performance reviews. In addition, it contains automated reminders, thus managers can provide performance reviews on time.

You can easily integrate ClearCompany with more than 100 software tools for skill assessment tests, background checks, and calendars as well. When requested, It provides a free demo. ClearCompany uses a “pricing upon request” model of subscription.

5. SurveySparrow

SurveySparrow is one of the best 360-degree feedback software that provides a highly personalized and engaging 360-review survey experience to employees. It contains survey forms as well as conversational forms for delivering feedback.

It is a dedicated employee portal that helps you to manage and access the assessment in a single platform. SurveySparrow offers lots of share options, email reminders, and an insightful click-free dashboard as well. 

Through its detailed assessment features, managers can provide feedback to their employees including strengths, weaknesses as well as hidden strengths.

In addition, it also contains anonymous evaluators for the employees, thus anyone can easily present the feedback honestly. 

Its detailed gap analysis enables employees to understand different perspectives, thus they can polish their skills and abilities.

You can easily integrate SurveySparrow with multiple tools such as Slank, Microsoft Teams, MailChimp, Monday.com as well as People HR. It has lots of customizable features. It offers a free 14 days trial and charges $79 per month for 2 users.

6. SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is also an amazing 360-degree feedback system that can easily create surveys, quizzes, and polls for your employees. It helps you to collect feedback anonymously through plain and simple surveys.

SurveyMonkey contains lots of customization features, thus you can easily customize your survey forms accordingly. SurveyMonkey can easily generate 360-degree feedback surveys in a few seconds.

It contains many amazing features such as ready-to-use templates and diverse question types.

Its subscription plans start at $31 a month. Its customer support system is not so good and it contains an outdated platform interface.

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7. Trakstar

It is one of the top-ranked 360-degree feedback systems that promote a comprehensive employee assessment. It contains lots of customized forms and it enables employees to get feedback from managers, peers as well as outsiders.

Through Trakstar’s penetrative data-driven reports, you can compare responses, rate competencies as well as track performance issues.

Trakstar also offers a steep learning curve as well. It uses a “pricing upon request” model of subscription.

8. Leapsome

Leapsome is one of the best 360-degree feedback software that helps you to enhance the management process of the organization. It offers a continuous cycle of feedback within the organization.

It provides both anonymous as well as non-anonymous feedback. In addition, it contains multiple features such as skill frameworks, development paths, automation, and powerful analytics as well.

Leapsome’s meeting management feature helps to conduct effective team meetings with a well-structured meeting agenda.

You can easily integrate Leapsome with Personio, BambooHR, Workday, Rippling as well as Active Directory as well. In addition, you can integrate Slack, Jira, and Microsoft Teams from Landsome as well.

Leapsome provides its subscription plan at  $8/user/month.

9. IntelliHR

IntelliHR is a strategic HR software that decreases manual workflows and increases automated workflows. It offers 1:1 conversation features to increase employees’ experience as well as engagement.

It is a customizable platform that can easily integrate with industries such as technology, medical and health, accounting as well as engineering.

Through IntelliHR’s data aggregation capabilities, HR or managers can easily access the performance history of employees. 

It contains many easy-to-understand performance report cards as well, thus any employee can easily assess their strengths and weaknesses.

You can easily integrate IntelliHR with different platforms, such as Microsoft Power Automate, DocuSign, JobAdder, and Google Suite as well. It has a well-qualified customer support team.

It offers its subscription plan at $6.50/ user/month. If you want to buy its full enterprise-level solution, you should call its customer support team. In addition, it also offers a free demo.

10. Culture Amp

Culture Amp is also an amazing 360-degree feedback tool that helps to improve employee engagement. It follows an action-based feedback format that helps to decrease the feedback loops. It offers automated 360-degree feedback surveys for performance assessment.

Culture Amp can generate intuitive and mobile-friendly surveys as well. It is one of the best 360-degree feedback tools but it does not contain many of the integrations. It uses a “pricing upon request” model of subscription.


An amazing 360-degree feedback software enables employees to get feedback from superiors, team members as well as outsiders. Its upward feedback features help employees to rate the performance of managers and provide suggestions.

Many 360-degree feedback software has customization features including customizable templates, and customizable workflows as well. you can easily integrate them with Slack, Jira, and Microsoft Teams as well.