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Common Myths About Grey Hair: All You Should Know

Grey hair is a natural part of the aging process. While most folks begin to notice white strands in their 30s and many begin noticing much prior to that too, people cover up their grey hair by dyeing it well into their fifties and beyond. That’s because the greying of hair is often misunderstood. People, especially women, who show strands of silver are labeled old or are perceived to have no time to care for themselves. However, while greying is a part of growing older, it has little to do with age or self-maintenance alone.

Grey Hair Myths

Like these, there are several misconceptions that you will hear floating around among your family, friends, and society at large. Following are a few common grey hair myths that you ought to stop believing.

Styling products lead to premature greying

One common myth is that the use of hair sprays, creams, and other styling products can cause premature greying. This is false information. Premature greying can be due to plenty of reasons. Genetics is one major cause of it. A person is more likely to develop silver hair if his/her parents had the very same condition.

However, the use of natural products or other ayurvedic products for premature greying is highly advisable. If you are looking for recommendations, consider Amrutam’s Kuntal Care range of products or Bhringraj Churna. Problems in the pituitary/thyroid gland or deficiency in Vitamin B-12 are some other causes that can lead to greying of hair too. So the next time someone tells you not to straighten, curl, or experiment with your hair due to it getting white sooner than it should, you know what to say.

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A lot of stress can cause greying

Tension, anxiety, stress, and other similar factors lead to greying. Well, not entirely. Yes, those silver strands are one of the most common signs of aging. Your locks begin to turn white once a pigment called melanin is stopped being produced by the hair cells that are present in your follicles. This is a natural process that can begin as young as 20 and as late as 50. Melanin is the chemical that provides our mane with its natural color. Stress can be indirectly related to greying of hair since it intensifies the effects of aging on our health, in general. Ayurvedic therapies are the best solution to counterattack and prevent aging to a certain extent.

Plucking a single grey strand could lead to five more grow 

This is an ancient old myth that has been dragged up till the present date. If you pluck out a single white strand, another five, six, or a hundred more strands may appear. Heard of this old wife’s tale? This isn’t true at all. Another white strand would probably replace the plucked one, however, it doesn’t lead to a hundred more grey strands growing back. Nevertheless, plucking out your silver hair is a good idea. Do try to avoid this as much as possible. Pulling out your strands can damage your follicles and as time goes by, this can cause your tresses to begin thinning.

Excessive dying will lead to premature greying  

There is a high chance that this was invented by parents who didn’t want their teens to damage their tresses by beginning to color/dye them when they were teenagers or young adults. In other words, to scar little ones from coloring their tresses too soon. But this is a misconception that ought to be busted. Frequent dyeing of hair in no way leads to premature aging of hair. It’s got nothing to do with it whatsoever. Despite that, a point to be noted is that coloring your mane often could leave your locks dry and brittle with a lack of shine and luster. 

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Ayurvedic products can help

Contrary to the above-verified facts, maintaining good hair health with the help of ayurvedic hair oils, ayurvedic-based shampoos, natural products, ayurvedic treatment, and hair spas aid in delaying the onset growth of white hair. Bhringraj, vilwa, bibhitaka, and gooseberry are a few common ingredients present in ayurvedic products for premature greying that help improves the overall health of your locks. Apart from preventing grey hair, most ayurvedic or herbal-based products also

  • Lowers down the rate and speed of hair fall
  • Strengthens and boosts growth
  • Moisturizes the scalp

Once you’re well-versed with the above, remember, that a healthy and active lifestyle is also highly recommended for thick and lustrous growth. Following a balanced diet, acquiring sufficient sleep, and exercising regularly will not only improve your mane’s health but your overall body health as well.