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What is the Importance of Cutters?

When it comes to having terrific tools in a toolbox, few pieces of hardware are more important than a good pair of cutters. The fact is there can be a ton of tasks that arise where there’s the need to make use of a set of cutters. Yet it’s also the case that there’s a variety of differences out there among the range of cutters. Accordingly, in order to find one that best suits a particular task – or wider set of needs – it’s really important to understand the differences that exist among them. So let’s look now at what’s important to understand when it comes to the design and utilisation of cutters.

Understanding the Interchangeable Terms and Words

One of the reasons anyone browsing for a pair of cutters can find the search a little confusing owes to the reality that there are a number of different names and terms which can refer to cutters and in turn their capabilities. For instance, commonly the terms ‘cutters’ and ‘pliers’ will be used interchangeably for the same kind of tool. Overall, most devices of this kind will often be able to perform well on similar tasks – so the distinction between terms isn’t always crucial (especially if just looking for a set of cutters to do a simple task) – but it is prudent to be aware that this difference does exist, as sometimes in certain instances a particular set of cutters may be ideal for a certain job, and in such cases obtaining another pair for use could lead to bad outcomes. 

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The Need Informs the Tool

Many people when browsing for a pair of pliers make the mistake of selecting a pair that they feel is the most enticing to them, instead of what is most suited to the job. Instead of going via this path, it’s essential to – in effect – work backward. By starting with what tool the job will require to be done well, it’s easy to then search effectively for a pair of pliers that will aid in the task. For instance, while a pair of lineman’s pliers may feel more comfortable in hand, if the task will ultimately need a pair of long-nose pliers, it’s necessary to opt for the latter.

The Importance of Maintenance

Keep in mind the importance of maintenance too once a pair of pliers has been obtained. While it’s important to take note of any specific instructions a manufacturer of the pliers may provide surrounding their care, generally speaking, there are a number of steps that many pliers owners commonly take to maintain their pliers. Rubbing them clean after each use is the first, thereafter storing them away properly from the elements, and finally – if they get stiff – using some WD-40 to make them easy to open and close again can be worthwhile. 


Cutters are terrific tools, yet in order to get the most out of them, it’s important to understand what they are, and what they are not. In turn, to always select a pair which best suits the task, instead of going on comfort factor alone. It’s also vital to maintain them, to help ensure they can find ongoing use in the long term. By following these steps, the foundation is in place to find and utilise a great pair of cutters, which can enjoy many years of service. To find the best cutters for your needs visit RS Online today!

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