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How to Cancel Paramount Plus: The Complete Guide

Paramount Plus or previously known as CBS All Access is a great streaming service. It allows you to watch next-day CBS primetime shows. It is without a doubt one of the best streaming services out there. But, if you’re not happy with your Paramount + subscription, then you can cancel your Paramount Plus subscription.

Learning how to cancel Paramount Plus is super easy. You just need a detailed walkthrough. In this guide, we’ll cover Paramount plus subscription and how to cancel Paramount plus on amazon, on the website, and via other methods.

How to Cancel Paramount Plus Subscription Using Website

If you signed up for Paramount using their official website, then you have to cancel using the website as well. There’s just no other way. Fortunately, the steps to cancel Paramount Plus subscription are super easy to follow:

  1. First, open a browser and visit the Paramount Plus official website.
  2. Find the login button, enter your credentials, and log in.
  3. Then click on your profile and Go to your account page which is situated in the top right corner of your device screen.
  4. Thereafter tap on “Account”.
  5. Now choose the “Cancel Subscription” button which is available on your account page.
  6. You’ll then receive a cancellation notification. 
  7. Once you agree to that, your Paramount Plus subscription will be canceled.

If you are using the Apple app store and Google Play store and want to cancel Paramount Plus subscription. Then you must follow our next segment which is how to cancel Paramount Plus via the App store.

How to Cancel Paramount Plus Via App Store

Let’s start with the steps on how to cancel paramount plus via the App store. If you downloaded the Paramount Plus application through the app store and now you want to cancel your Paramount Plus account then you follow these steps which are given at the bottom of this paragraph.

  • First, visit the Google play store browser or application and log in.
  • Then tap on “My Subscriptions.”
  • Then search for a paramount plus list in your subscription list.
  • Thereafter tap on “manage” and then click on “cancel subscription”.
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There are some steps to cancel paramount plus in both the Apple app store and which are written below:

  • First, visit your profile and click on the “ Subscription” button.
  • Thereafter tap click on “ Paramount Plus” 
  • Then click on “Cancel Subscription”.

If you are worried about how do I cancel Paramount Plus’s free trial, then you must follow the next segment of our blog which is on how to cancel Paramount Plus’s free trial.

How to Cancel Paramount Plus Free Trial 

If you want to cancel Paramount Plus free trial then you must follow these steps:

  • First click on your “Profile Picture”.
  • Thereafter click on “Account”.
  • Then tap on the “Cancel Subscription” on your “Account Page”.
  • After that confirm your cancellation.

You can also cancel Paramount Plus on Amazon Prime. 

How To Cancel Paramount Plus On Amazon

Here are the steps you need to know to learn how to cancel Paramount Plus on Amazon.

  • Visit your “Prime Video Channels” in your Amazon application or amazon website.
  • Click on “Account and Lists” under your profile.
  • Then tap on “Membership & Subscriptions” on your account list. Where you can look at all your “Subscriptions”.
  • Now search for your “Paramount Plus Channel” and
  • Click on “Cancel Channel” and conform to it. 


Paramount plus contains lots of great TV shows such as Star Trek: Discovery and Strange Angel. It also offers a free trial to its users. If you are not happy with their shows or subscription policy then you can cancel the subscription anytime. Especially now that you know how to cancel Paramount Plus.

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