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Tips on Baby Proofing Your Child’s Bedroom at Home

One of the scary things about transitioning your toddler to a big kid’s bed is all the trouble they can get into when in their room alone and not sleeping. If babyproofing hasn’t come to mind, it should because this is one of the things you might overlook. Once a toddler experiences the freedom of getting in and out of bed, it doesn’t take long for him or her to explore their room and probably do things they shouldn’t do like climbing over furniture and other such activities which are deemed to be dangerous.

8 Toddler Proofing Tips to Keep Their Room Safe

1. Furniture

Even if your TV or dresser may appear sturdy, your toddler’s weight can pull the whole thing forward when he climbs upon it. Consequently, to ensure your toddler doesn’t become a victim of falling furniture, you should toddler-proof their room. Ensure the furniture is strong and stable, and secure it by anchoring it to the wall or attaching furniture wall straps or brackets when babyproofing.

2. Baby-proof Windows 

When the weather is lovely and you may want to keep the windows open, another scary thing can happen in your toddler’s room: he/she can climb out of the window. Even if you’re firm that he couldn’t possibly do it, take note of the fact that toddlers are unpredictable and will attempt to do the darndest things. In such cases, consider a mesh window guard or window stopper.

3. Electricity 

Ensure your toddler’s room is a safe place, by installing a safety plate for the electrical outlet or making use of outlet inserts. When babyproofing, you may want to be more secure in your toddler’s room when you are not right there watching all of what she does, we wouldn’t want her mimicking or copying you from watching you remove and replace the outlet covers while you vacuum or plug in your charger.

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4. Wiring

If your toddler’s room is filled with many wires from the lamp, CD player, humidifier, etc. it may be a good idea to conceal them with a wire guard. Often toddlers fall victim to the curious question “What happens when I do this?”. Limiting their curiosity may even prevent them from running into a lamp and leading to a mishap.

5. Use gates around the stairs

Assuming your toddler’s room isn’t downstairs, you might want to install a safety gate at the top of the stairs. Once she’s able to sit up, they’ll naturally wander out and down the stairs. This could be dangerous if she ain’t good at going downstairs yet. However, even if she is good at it, you’ll still want a gate in case she gets lost. You may never know when she will wake up and come downstairs while you’re in the shower or taking the trash out. 

6. Monitoring 

You may want to invest in a video monitor if you are concerned about your toddler roaming around. A video monitor can be a great way to keep tabs on your child while he or she is still a toddler. This way you can be certain of what they’re doing and when they’ve fallen asleep. It’s especially crucial when your house includes multiple floors and levels. Furthermore, it’s adorable watching the angel sleep uninterrupted. 

7. Choking Hazards

As parents of a toddler, you know how notorious kids are for putting small objects in their mouths. Go through the baby’s room with a fine-tooth comb and remove anything that may be a choking hazard. Anything small enough to fit into a toilet paper roll must be removed. This could be toys, crayons, decor pieces, and more. Try to keep only large items of furniture and toys in the child’s room at all times.

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8. Gardens and Pools

Luxury homes often come with huge gardens and pools. Do you have a home that faces a road, has a pool, or a garden where your little one could wind up without your knowledge? Think of ways to monitor your surroundings, either with a CCTV camera or other means. Try babyproofing by installing safety locks on your doors and your gates (or place them high enough on doors and gates) that your little one cannot reach.

As parents, we all react differently to our toddler’s newfound freedom. But there’s one thing that’s certain about parenting; it’s to keep our child safe and free in a home that’s toddler-friendly even on vacations.

The size of your house, the layout of your house, and the toys in your toddler’s room all play into what we are feeling about our toddler’s newfound freedom. If you’re a nervous nellie or not, we hope these 5 tips will help in babyproofing your child’s room for toddlers. It helps to choose a designer villa for sale in Goa for maximum comfort and safety for your family.