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Best Open Source Ticketing Software Tools in 2023

The role of open source ticketing systems is critical to the success of a firm. Ticketing software is a technique developed to assist businesses in managing and resolving customer issues and providing assistance. There are two layers of assistance: the facility, which is in charge of end parties, and the support personnel, which are in charge of inner stakeholders, i.e. workers.

However, not all open source services will be appropriate for your business. As a result, while selecting one, you must be cautious. We propose open source systems if you are a starter or intermediate firm.

The Central Role of Ticketing Software in Boosting Businesses 

Ticket management software tools are another sort of help desk software that allows us to handle concerns that occur, allowing companies to measure their customers’ satisfaction and also how quickly their concerns have been resolved by the company.

Rapidly resolving customer issues has a beneficial influence on customer loyalty. Thus, help desk software will assist in centralizing all client complaints and providing a clear picture of how many raised questions are in the workflow and those that have already been resolved.

The majority of open-source ticketing solutions provide one or more of the following important advantages:

  • They enable businesses to outperform competitors in terms of customer service.
  • They enable support personnel to prioritize client queries more quickly.
  • They allow customer service agents to process requests without interruption.

Thus, the more effective the solution, the better will be the customer service.

There are, however, just a few models of entirely open-source help desk programs that may be used to give assistance or data to clients to resolve small issues and persistent problems.

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osTicket is one of the most user-friendly open-source systems. It is dependable, simple to set up, and understands. It effortlessly directs email, digital complaints, and telephonic inquiries into a simple, convenient, multi-user, internet contact center interface. 

Furthermore, it includes fantastic features which make raising tickets a breeze for them. It may be used to manage several divisions. Alternatively, it can be used to personalize your customer service and exceed your customers’ expectations.

osTicket has an Information Management function as well as a Benchmarking feature with a sophisticated API. It also provides restrictions and privileges through an engagement panel and activity tracking capability.


It is more than just an expansive ticketing platform model on PHP and MySQL; it is a complete technical support package that includes a designed centralized repository with language support for Inquiries and a Ticketing Management solution. In addition to the open forum version, the Faveo is available in commercial editions that include technical assistance and certain advanced capabilities.

It features dynamic content that lets consumers or the backed staff utilize it on a variety of screen widths. Faveo’s Dashboard is extremely dynamic and simple to use, providing a complete record of all tickets that have been monitored and resolved.

You may alternatively choose the Faveo free Freelance version, which comes with a free license for two users. The advantage of this edition is that you can work from anywhere.


Zammad tracking system is appropriate for any company, irrespective of size or sector. It enables companies to do much more than collect tickets. It employs cutting-edge digital resources for the interface, like HTML5 and WebSockets, and Ruby on Rails for the rear. A REST API allows the help desk software to be linked to current structure environments.

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Zammad offers an easy-to-use portal that allows users to produce inquiries or tickets by email, phone, chat, Facebook, or Twitter all in one location, as well as knowledge of the current tickets, their handling status, and the most recent activities. Customers may also check the progress of their requests at any time.

Complaints or tasks may be grouped in tabs, and the application can be accessed through any contemporary web browser. It also provides a quick thorough inspection and allows numerous professionals to engage on a ticket at the same time.