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Best Live Streaming Apps for Events – Live Stream in Style

Live streaming has become very popular among celebrities, artists, and businesses. Especially after the covid-19 pandemic. Apple held its first-ever launch event as a live stream, Facebook announced its Metaverse via live streams. So it’s safe to say that live-streaming events have become the new industry standard. The best part is that the audience can watch an event from all over the globe without even leaving their bed. So, what are the best live-streaming apps for events for upcoming artists, and businesses? As live streams make it easier to engage with the audience than you won’t be able to do in normal conditions.

With the top live streaming apps that you should consider for your next event? Fortunately, we’ve created this guide for the best live-streaming apps for events.

Why Live Stream Your Event?

Live streaming helps brands reach a wider audience, such as remote attendees, and it increases attendee engagement, enhances their social media accounts, and reduces marketing costs. Moreover, as people all over the globe have different schedules, live-streaming events allow them to reach new audiences.

Best Live Streaming Apps for Events

1. Facebook Live

Facebook Live allows users to log into their Facebook accounts and stream events to their audience. Audience members can easily interact with live stream videos by commenting or sharing their opinions and suggestions. 

Pros of Facebook Live:

  • Facebook Live streams can be shared with the audience that you already have. Plus you can stream content to specific event pages
  • Your audience can view the stream
  • Video is automatically saved to the user’s feed
  • Facebook Live is mobile-friendly and they help you reach a majority of the mobile audience.
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Cons of Facebook Live:

  • You have to log in to Facebook to launch your live stream if you’re using an external software
  • As audience members are watching the stream via Facebook, they’re more prone to become distracted and leave your stream

2. YouTube Live

YouTube was one of the first platforms ever to offer live streaming. This is one of the best event-friendly and sophisticated live-streaming apps. This is one of the biggest reasons why YouTube Live is used by many businesses for their events.

Pros of YouTube Live:

  • YouTube has the best intuitive platform for live streams
  • A variety of features are available based on the type of users
  • YouTube live offers event-based features such as live chatting and automatic recording

Cons of YouTube Live:

  • YouTube live doesn’t offer advanced features such as guest management
  • Before you start an event, you have to wait for YouTube’s approval

3. Instagram Live

Instagram Live is a fairly new platform in the industry. It allows users to stream events to their followers via Instagram stories. This makes the reach fairly limited.

Pros of Instagram Live:

  • Instagram Live is incredibly simple and user-friendly to use, and you don’t need any additional software and equipment
  • Allows users to engage with followers in real-time by responding to comments and questions
  • After your video ends, you can track engagement with Instagram analytics

Cons of Instagram Live:

  • There are no event-planning options
  • There are no integrations with any other software and streaming tools

4. Periscope

Periscope is one of the best live streaming apps you can use as it allows you to share your event worldwide. It became famous as it allows live stream events and viewers can interact with those who are doing the live stream. 

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Pros of Periscope:

  • It’s super easy to use and can be used to live stream events instantly
  • You can integrate Periscope into your Twitter account
  • There’s no time limit for video length
  • Periscope works with both Android and iOS devices

Cons of Periscope:

  • Video owners can’t monetize live stream with ads
  • Video replays are only available for 24hrs and then they’re deleted

5. Vimeo Livestream

Vimeo Livestream became famous quite recently, and it’s designed for event planners and employees. You can easily stream your event using the Vimeo camera. You can share the same stream to your social media accounts and website.

Pros of Vimeo Livestream:

  • Vimeo Livestream offers HD video streaming capabilities
  • The live stream video of your event will be saved on the camera once the stream ends

Cons of Vimeo Livestream:

  • Vimeo Livestream isn’t available as a free service. Individuals can choose from 3 paid plans