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Top 4 Yoga Asanas to Relax Mind and body at Home

Due to the growing office culture and competition, there is a rush in our life. This is the reason why we are not able to give time for our own fitness. So at the same time, we do not want to go to the gym even thinking that we have to take out time to go to the gym. Or due to the busyness of work, we do not get enough time to focus on fitness. But for a while, you have to think that you cannot do a little exercise to maintain the body you are doing a job to run.

If you are unable to take out time, then here we are telling you some easy yoga postures which are easy to do and can be done sitting at home. If you do this yoga by taking out 20 minutes every morning, then you will be fit and away from diseases. Yoga expert Bholi Parihar of Innocence Yoga is telling yoga asanas for working professionals.

Here are the top 4 Yoga Asanas to Keep your Mind & Body Fit

1. Garuda Asana (Eagle Pose)

People who are unable to give time to their body and mind due to their busy schedules. This Garuda posture is very beneficial for them. Because doing Garuda posture brings harmony between our body and mind, our body and mind are able to work better. It improves our focus, as it is a balancing posture. Also, it removes the stiffness of the body. At the same time, it strengthens the hands and feet. You do not need any mat to do this asana. You can do this standing anywhere.

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How to do Garudasana

  • Stand in a careful position.
  • Connect both the legs together.
  • Stick both hands on your thighs.
  • Slowly bend both your knees.
  • Raise your straight leg and wrap it over the left leg.
  • Wrap both the arms crossing each other. In this, the leg which is above yours, the same side has to be kept up.
  • Do not straighten your left knee too much. Otherwise, Garuda’s posture will not be done properly.
  • Hold 15-20 seconds in this posture. After that slowly open your hands then open your feet. Take a rest for some time.

2. Anjani Asana (Low Lunge Pose)

This posture maintains the correct posture of our spine. At the same time, it removes the stiffness of our back. Seven also brings good stretch in our chest and waist. Due to this the right amount of blood reaches our lungs. And our respiratory system works well. If our respiratory system works well then we feel energetic. Blood circulation in the body also increases, due to which energy increases in the body.

Method of doing Anjani posture

  • Stand in a careful position by connecting both your feet and take your straight leg back and keep it on the ground. Then slowly put your knee on the ground as well.
  • Straighten the claws from behind. Push both your hips forward.
  • Join both the palms together.
  • While inhaling, raise both your hands up. And bend your elbows slightly and bend backward.
  • Hold 10-15 seconds in this posture. And slowly repeat the same posture with the other leg.
  • Do not be in any hurry while doing this asana.
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3. Vakrasana

Digestive problems tend to increase with working professionals, as physical exercise is not enough. So Vakrasana increases our digestive power and removes the stiffness of the legs and waist. At the same time, it protects the joints of our body by giving a good stretch to our body. It transmits energy in our bodies. At the same time, our focus improves. This asana removes all the problems related to the stomach and back. It also helps in fixing the shoulders which tend to lean forward due to working for a long time.

Method of doing Vakrasana

  • Sit down with both legs open in front.
  • Place both the palms on the ground beside the hips.
  • Now lift your right leg and keep it bent next to the left knee.
  • Now our straight leg is on the inside, lift it and keep it outside. After that, bend your left knee and bring your left toes next to your right hip.
  • Make both the hands in Namaskar Mudra.
  • Support the right knee with your left elbow while rotating your entire body straight.
  • Our left hand will be there. And keep your right hand behind the waist.
  • Now look backward while giving rotation throughout your body.
  • Hold 10-15 seconds in this posture. And come back slowly.
  • Now repeat this asana with the other leg and rest for some time.

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4. Vasisthasana

By doing this yoga asana, the strength of our body increases. Our shoulders, elbows, and wrists get strength. Gives good stretch to both the sides of our waist. Due to this our waist also gets strength. Vasisthasana helps to reduce belly fat. Increases blood circulation in our body. Increases the oxygen level in our body. Simultaneously, it strengthens both hands and feet.

Method of doing Vasisthasana

  • Open both your legs in front and sit in Dandasana. And while taking your right hand back, keep it behind your hip. Keep it at a distance.
  • Now slowly lift your hips upward and support your right knee inwards.
  • Our left leg will remain straight. And open your other hand towards the sky.
  • Hold 10-15 seconds in this posture. And repeat this asana from the other side as well.
  • Now come back slowly and rest for some time.

Working professionals often do not have time to focus on their fitness, but you can take help from the yoga asanas mentioned here.