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The Essence of Tool Control in the Aviation Industry

The aviation industry has offered the fastest and safest form of transport to the entire world. People need to follow rigorous safety and security checks during the pre-flight to ensure completely safe travel. But what they miss out on is the vigor and diligence that is performed behind the scenes to ensure a safe flight for them. The aviation industry has always been prone to several critical conditions due to increased FODs (Foreign Object Debris).

This can really put the lives of many people in danger including your own aviation staff. Tool control and accountability have always been a major concern for the aviation industry and many airline companies have now started developing an enhanced tool wagon and tool control system to ensure flawless repair and maintenance tasks at workstations to provide safe and secure flights to people. Henchman Products, a leading supplier of customized aviation toolkits and solutions, has deeply explored this aspect and has provided some innovative insights for aviation companies to look into this matter.

Saving the Cost

You will be surprised to know that tool quality and control issues cost 500 million dollars every year to the entire aviation industry. This is simply because of the lost tools, broken but not replaced tools, and tools that are not suitable for the job. Airline workstations require massive repair and maintenance tasks to be performed where technicians and mechanics deal with myriad tools and equipment.

If these tools are not perfectly stored or are misplaced or lost frequently, the cost of providing new tools and equipment adds to your budget. At Henchman, you can explore a wide range of Snap-on tool kits which are perfectly cased in two-colored high-density foam inlays which enhance the visual tool control and supports swift performance.

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Building Good Reputation

The most critical scenario in the aviation industry is the increased level of FODs which can ruin your years of hard work and dedication. Identifying any FOD when a flight takes off compels the pilot for an emergency landing or the situation becomes even worse if it meets some accident due to it.

The automated tool control system has become an integral part of airline companies where they can ensure that no tool is left inside the engine area or the cabins during any repair or maintenance work. Get the best electronic tool control system and electronic workbench from Henchman to ensure safe and secure repair and maintenance tasks and avoid the risk of FODs. Only 10% of airline companies have fully deployed tool control systems at their workstations.

Adding Precision to the work

The most crucial aspect of the aircraft maintenance industry is the quality of work performed by technicians and mechanics. Using cheap quality tools and equipment may add to their frustration and make them negligent towards daily routine checks. Hence, you need to offer them enhanced and custom aerospace toolkits that add to the value of their work and make the entire repair and maintenance task well-managed and convenient. You can order customized atlas Copco torque tools along with some other branded toolkits from Henchman which has delivered several customized toolkits as per the demand of some major airline companies in Australia.

Facts & Figures

The estimate of the risk to aircraft due to faulty maintenance may vary from company to company but the data quoted in a study of human factors in aviation accidents clearly states that almost 10% of commercial aircraft accidents and 20% of general aviation accidents were attributed to the failures in maintenance cycle.

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However, it was also estimated that the deaths per plane passenger have been going down but that is also because most airlines have started feeling the need to get a comprehensive tool control system to ensure trusted maintenance and safe flights.

Most airline companies have now started deploying comprehensive tool control systems at their workstations. Henchman aerospace has successfully delivered quality Snap-on tool kits along with advanced tool control systems to various airline companies in Australia.


Keeping track of all the hand tools and parts can be a much labor-intensive process and consumes a lot of time. Almost one-fourth of the total time that aircraft technicians spend on their workstations is spent finding, collecting, and placing the tools in different places. When you provide an enhanced and comprehensive toolkit to your technicians to keep their tools well-managed at an enhanced toolkit using the Bayco flashlights, they save much time in finding the right tools and keeping them safe in a single toolkit.

The toolkits offered by Henchman aviation come with RFID tags and also with two-colored foam inlays and you can even choose laser marking on each tool which makes it swifter for technicians to access different tools.

Airline companies need to equip their engineers, technicians, and mechanics with the latest tool control systems so that they can render their best capabilities to ensure safe and secure flights for people. The advantages will definitely add to your reputation to get the best traffic towards your airline company.