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7 Effective eCommerce Strategies for Your Small Business?

Over 95% of internet users globally have purchased at least one product online. This data indicates how much you can earn by running your own eCommerce store. Even if the competition is fierce, you can grow your online store. To make sure that you stay ahead of the competition, and boost your sales, you need to have the ideal eCommerce strategies in place. To help you grow your online store, we’ve created this guide full of effective eCommerce strategies for your business.

Things to Consider Before Building a New eCommerce Strategy

There are some specific elements you should keep in mind while running your eCommerce store. Do consider these, and you significantly improve your chances of generating better results on your eCommerce store. 

1. Ideal Buyers

Knowing your target audience can help in increasing the relevance and accuracy of your eCommerce marketing campaigns. Create a buyer persona, a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customers, which is based on real research. This can help you analyze your audience’s behaviors. 

You should try to build your eCommerce marketing and website strategies around the challenges and pain points of the customers. 

2. Needs of Your Customers

The best way to boost your sales is to consider the needs of your customers. As your customers are buyers, you need to take their needs into consideration before building products and building marketing strategies.

3. Ideal Customer Channels

Knowing the channels where your target audience interacts with your brand helps in making sure that you can boost customer experience, product descriptions, and branding. 

You need to refine your strategies to make sure you offer a seamless customer experience. Whether your audience is browsing through your products on social media or eCommerce websites.

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7 Best eCommerce Strategies for Your Small Business

To succeed in building a profitable eCommerce store, you need proper planning. You also need to implement the right strategies at the right time. Here is our list of best strategies that can help in boosting your eCommerce store.

1. Include Advanced Product Filtering

As an eCommerce store, your goal should be to provide a seamless and simple shopping experience for your customers. You can make this happen by offering advanced product searches. With this feature, your site visitors can find what they’re looking for in just a few seconds with a couple of clicks. 

If you’re using eCommerce solutions such as Shopify, you can add up to 250 tags to your products for advanced product filtering. Adding advanced filter options helps in showcasing products based on color, design, size, and more. This also improves user experience, which in turn helps your sales. 

2. Always Highlight New Products

If you’ve just opened a new eCommerce store, you should know that new products have a better appeal to customers. You should use this to your advantage by displaying your latest products. 

Whenever your audience is informed of new products, it brings a sense of excitement and compels them to buy new things. Here’s how you can use new products to your advantage:

  • You should mention that new products are available for only a limited period. This makes a sense of urgency in your customers. 
  • Do your best to promote your popular products along with your featured items to improve sales.

3. Several Payment Options

Each customer is different, so it can be helpful to be mindful of all customers. The more payment options you offer, the easier it is for your customer to purchase from you. Offering several payment options at the same time can reduce your cart abandonment rate.

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Huge eCommerce CMS platforms such as Shopify, or BigCommerce allow you to choose from 65 payment gateways. It’s easy to integrate payments on the platform. Once you’ve chosen a payment option, enable the payment gateway.

4. Provide As Much Discounts as Possible

To increase your sales, you can offer discounts on new products or your best-selling items. Discounts are enticing to customers, but they also make your audience feel better about their purchase. 

To get better results by offering discounts, mention them in specific places on your website. With the right location, strategy, timing, and discount offers, you can boost conversion rates. 

Some eCommerce CMS allow you to create custom coupon codes for single products and categories, including bulk purchase orders. They also allow you to add multiple elements to your product pages, such as videos, images, and text blocks. 

5. Leverage Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are the biggest positive you can have on your eCommerce store. You should always display reviews from customers, as it helps potential customers to trust your brand.

The reviews can be about customer service, product quality, quick delivery times, or any other positive experience. They serve as social proof of how transaction-worthy your business is. Social proof helps in building and increasing trust between your potential customers and your brand. The more people trust you, the better sales you can get. 

6. Offer Discounted Deliver or Free Shipping

According to a survey, over 43% of customers abandon their shopping carts after seeing the shipping costs. So, if you can make it happen, you should offer discounts on shipping.

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If you don’t carefully choose the amount you charge for shipping, you can lose hundreds or thousands of customers. The best way to get around this problem is by offering free or discounted shipping. 

You can use the below-mentioned tips to make free delivery work in your favor:

  • Run free shipping as a limited-time offer and verify how it affects your sales
  • Offer free delivery only for users who sign up for an account on your store
  • Provide complimentary shipping if the customers purchase products worth a specific amount. 

7. Run Loyalty Programs

Retaining your customers is as crucial as acquiring new ones. To make sure that your customers keep coming back to you, you should boost customer loyalty. You can do this by offering exclusive coupons, vouchers, and rewards programs among other things. These features will make your existing customers feel important and valued.

A successful loyalty program must contain these factors:

  • Criteria for Customer Rewards: Most of the rewards are given in exchange for purchases. However, you can also offer incentives when customers leave reviews, invite friends, refer products, and other processes.
  • Redemption Process: You should set up a system, either by manual or automatic triggers. This allows your customers to redeem their rewards quickly and seamlessly. A long winding process can prevent your customers from becoming a part of your rewards program. 

Conclusion: Effective eCommerce Strategies

Almost every day, a new eCommerce store comes into existence. People are opting for online purchases as opposed to visiting brick-and-mortar stores. The best way to boost revenues is to follow the eCommerce strategies mentioned above.